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Discontinuation of Artist sub-forums.
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:38:37 pm »
Many, many years ago, Furtopia had started what was called Artist, Author, & Musician  sub-forums. These "sub-forums" were a way for members to have a "private place" (If they didn't have a Furtopia hosted site, etc.) on the Furtopia forums for artists to show and discuss their furry arts. Artists would fill out an application for review, and then their sub-forum would be created by the staff. Artists could even be their own Moderator of their individual sub-forum and move, edit, etc. things as long as it didn't conflict too much with Furtopian rules and policies.

An example of a still active artist sub-forum is Old Rabbit's which is here:
Unfortuneately as time progressed over the years, The majority of individual artist sub-forums became more and more disused and members stopped posting in them and/or stopped submitting new applications for sub-forums to be created. Because of this "abandonment", the staff have had to move all artist sub-forums to the Archive forum located here:
.......where we now keep them for reference/historical purposes. Additionally, because of how the Internet and other demographics have changed over several past years, and how people are finding new sites (FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Inkbunny, etc., etc.) to show and discuss their furry arts, It has been decided by the staff to discontinue completely all applications for the creation of new individual artist sub-forums now and in the future. We deeply regret this action. :(

For those members who currently have an Artist sub-forum and wish to revive it and bring it out of the Archive forum, the staff have created new guidelines in order for an artist to keep that sub-forum active. These guidelines are the following:

If an artist wishes their sub-forum re-opened and put back in the active AAM section which is located here:
..........They must contact an Admin with their request and the staff will review their request. However, To keep your sub-forum active, you must be willing to post in it at least a minimum of 2 to 5 times per month. If your sub-forum has not been posted in at all for 4 months or longer since the very last post was made, and/or you no longer wish to use/continue it at all, Then the staff reserve the right to move your artist sub-forum back into the Archive section at our discretion or delete it.

If any members have any questions about anything, then feel free to PM a Mod or Admin and we'll help you out. :)
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