Author Topic: Registrations may be delayed due to AC2012.  (Read 2336 times)

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Registrations may be delayed due to AC2012.
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:07:09 pm »
With the Anthrocon convention just around the corner, A lot of people will be going to this convention. Not just the regular members here at Furtopia, but also some of the Staff.
This post is just to let people know that if you register a new account any time between June 12 and 18th, it may be delayed getting approved by the Administration. The Admins will try to make every effort to process your registration account in a timely manner. But please be advised that there could be delays.

Also, If members request account name changes or adult forum access, These requests may also be delayed. Again, we will try to process them as best we can in a timely manner or we may ask that you wait till after Anthrocon.

And lastly, If there are any problems with the Furtopia IRC, then please send any PM's to Weisseman, WhiteShepherd, or Kada-Ru.

Thanks for your understanding. :)