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Firestorm Six:
Your welcome Yiffboy , Photoshop has unlimited capabilities, and experimenting with new techniques is the best way to learn new stuff. I havent yet explored some of PS-7 features ! it's a great program *

Umm hello im Yiffboy *waves* and im using photoshop 7 i wanted to find out how to make a nice looking Furry texture ( What i heard of and i ainly use is The noise tool , monoghrapihc then gausean ___ ( Go to tool pallet chosse Smuge tool and use a 2 size circle Brush with is a pain in the furry *coufs* so i thak u if u can help me on this problem and if u can i ned help on making wet fur thks.

and the Noise thing with the pixel size???

**Forgot to add this on my last post**

Firestorm Six:
Hello Yiffboy, I use PS-7 alot, (both for art & at work) sounds like you want a "coarser" pattern, what i do is use the same method as you do with the noise filter, but do the noise as a seperate layer, then save the layer as a seperate file, (with all other layers hidden) then ajust  that seperate layer file with a 40% lower resolution in pixels, then apply the noise, (Monocromatic/Gaussian) save the coarser noise, then drag & drop the seperate layer onto the image you are working on, and resize it to fit in the exact place you saved it from, the noise applied will apear coarser that if done on the full res. image. as for the smudge tool , I usually use a soft brush pattern, set with about 45% to 65% setting on the strength of the tool in the top of your window. Fur texture is really somthing you may have to experiment with to get the results you want, as it's really difficult to explain without a hands-on demonstration. (I also use a wacom tablet) have a look at my Shadowspawn art pic in my site , and see if that is somthing like you are looking for. there are others there as well with "fur-rendering"
   Here:   http://www.catbox.com/firestorm

Yup thts what Exactly want omg thts so nice Looking fur O.O I wanna Do that kind of fur    thks FireStorm I sure do need the help ^^


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