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As far as I know, the site isn't shown in the listing yet, but I've checked the direct link and it's working. Here's the site so far if you wanna check. There's nothing much on it, just the homepage and BTD's logo, but that will change ... soon ... hopefully ...

*muters to self*

I really gotta learn how to use DreamWeaver MX 2004.

I use notepad... but then again, I'm sorta hardcore when it comes to web site design.
Good luck with your site.

If you look at the news section, you can see one of my "run-ins" with one of the pull-down menus that aluded me. It no longer does now, but that's probably because I won't use it again ... ever!

Your site was listed as Running Wolf.  But we changed it to "Anthro Arts Uk".

Thanx. BTW, will the file upload system work with text files? I recently set up a writing area on the older site and I'd love to have it on the new one too. I know the upload would work (unless you've limited it to graphics only) but it's just getting an area for them to be downloaded.


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