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If you play counter strike you can sign up to join Furtopia Clan for steam/valve games

To join, post what games you have, what you are best at (assault, sniping, ect.), and how long you have been playing for.

I'm in! Though I won't be doing much until summer since i've gotta focus on classes and stuff now.

 1-2 years? (Haven't been keeping track)

CS 1.6
DoD 1.6

Hopefully HL2 this summer. Not sure yet.
Anyhow, my Xfire is icedragon44, I'm usually only on Xfire when i'm actually playing so it's not often.

Wow... I'll have to reinstall C-Strike.

 Anyways I would like to join... I am an assult person. I am best with 226 Pistol. I can snipe but really I am an all rounder. I don't mind working solo or team. Just let me know. Please send me the TAG and the server IP.


P.S. I've been playing for over 5 years.

servers aren't up yet, so can't give you the IP

i only have the IP to the old server (no longer in use)

by TAG do you mean the clan tag?


Cool and yes clan tag


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