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The server times for all furtopia clan servers are listed below

FUR Clan CSS Server   3pm to 9pm monday, wensday, thursday
FUR Clan CSCZ Server  3pm to 9pm monday, wensday, thursday
FUR Clan CS1.6 Server  3pm to 9 pm monday, wendsay, thursday
FUR Clan SF Server  3pm to 7pm monday
FUR Clan GMOD Server  6pm to 9pm wensday

All server times are EST

for questions or suggestions about server times, post here

servers will not have regular times until summer break
servers may start up once and a while before then but don't count on it
im busy studying and doing homework alot of the time

Just a note to everyone.  Servers are going up pretty frequently now.  Usually they are Gmod servers.  The server name is "FUR Clan [The Furry Server]"
The servers are password protected for Gmod, the password is "27015"

To find out if any servers are up, please join the FUR clan steam community group.  Look for NachtWolf(Shepard270).  Click on the profile and see if I am playing any games.  If I am, chances are that a server is up and running.  

For more info please message me via Steam or this forum.


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