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*huskyhugs* Welcome to Furtopia's newest sub-forum in the Communities Groups Section: The Greymuzzle Forum, as suggested by member Acton. :) What is the Greymuzzle Forum? Well, it's a place where older furs (30+) can talk about furry or non-furry subjects as they pertain to their older lifestyles, etc. What is the definition of a greymuzzle? Well, that's a bit disputable from person to person and/or a bit vague, but the general answer would have to be something like what is explained here:

So go ahead, sit down a spell, and feel free to share about your times in the furry fandom from years ago or talk about anything else greymuzzle related. Enjoy. :)

Older lifestyles? Gee, and I thought that 30 was the new 20. :P
As for the WikiFur definition of Greymuzzle, it makes sense. Three of those point form notes pertain to me. Been in the fandom for almost fourteen years, am over 30 years of age, and I've also had to use raw telnet in order to access FurryMUCK back in the day.  (:

Thanks  I have some thoughts later.

Sorry to have to do this, but this thread is locked.  :-[ It was just supposed to be the new forum greeting thread so to speak. Not an actual discussion thread. Please feel free to make new threads to discuss anything greymuzzle related. Thanks. :)


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