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You cubs git offa mah lawn!

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I just found this Greymuzzle group. Thank you Kobuk for starting it!

40 years old here,  been an anthro for over 20 years but not really active in the fandom until the past five or so.

I am 47 I know about the fandom since 1999 but only till 2006 I want to be part of it.

I think this WikiFur entry establishes my qualifications. :)

I'm 34 and been into the furry fandom stuff to varying degrees ever since I was 20.
Eh, I have a WikiFur entry as well... which can be found... here! Heheh.
So... Hello to the fellow greymuzzles!

okay, now i KNOW it's safe to sneak in here.  one of the bosses popped in! (and I thought he was older than me!)

'course, I'm coming in with a LITERAL grey muzzle (allready!)


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