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I've got a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck but I live in a small town and I can't find anyone else to play against who isn't a) my husband, b) a cheater, or c) 8 years old.  So I had the idea of trying to play a game through a forum.  Of course this only works if both people playing this are completely honest about their cards.  I vow I will be completely honest about mine.

So, whenever we use a card, we have to type up everything that's on the card... the card's name, description, and points if any.  We also keep track of the field with a little acsii art.  Example:

- - * - *
* * - - -

- - * * -
- - - * -

When refering to which card is being attacked (if it's faced down, obviously) we can call out a slot (1-5) with 1 being on the left and 5 on the right.

I've got the 4.0 rule book.  We won't be using tournament rules (which means cards like Exodia and Monster Reborn are allowed).

Now, I've shuffled my deck already so I'm going to go ahead and start.  It would be a waste of time to wait for us to draw 5 cards, so whoever you are, just draw your five cards when you start your post.


I set a monster card.

- - - - -
* - - - -

Since the first person to go does not get their Battle Phase, I end my turn.

Edit: my graph is upside down to reflect how you'd see it if you were sitting across from me.  You'd of course make yours right side up.
Edit Edit: Doh... LP.

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