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I'm considering starting up my own website just for the purpose of having a place to put up the adoptables I love and hoarde so much. Question is, what's the best site for this?

I'm mainly wanting a site where I can set up the navigation around the pages easily. With only a couple categories shown from the home page, but a drill-down of subcategories when you go to that section.

Not worried about any kind of forums or anything since it will only be a place to stick a crapload of HTML codes the adoptable sites have already generated. *Might* add an XAT chatbox or something some day, but not likely.

Thanks for any suggestions

*points up at the top of the page*
Furtopia is a free furry web-hosting community, you know. ;)

I can't say for sure whether the server can support everything you want to do with your site (it probably will), but Kada can tell you more!

Looking more at site like freewebs and such. I don't plan to have anything furry-related on it and I don't want to take up space here because of that.

If you dont need mysql or chmod support you could go with for 110mb of space and 10gigs bandwidth.

i used webstarts i have my website going but they have there name in the website name.


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