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Well hey there! I'm not a new watcher, in fact, I've had the position for about a year now. I've just kept neglecting to make a post here since I learned that I could, though I suppose now's as good a time as ever!

I'm a coyote, and I've been part of Furtopia for nearly seven years! I don't always post as regularly as I used to, but I am around quite a bit. (watching!) I reside in central Illinois, going to college. Rats are my favorite animals and I currently share my life with three of them. <3 I'm a very strong supporter of animal welfare, and believe in taking the best possible care of any animal that enters your life. Other than that, I love Grey's Anatomy and Pokemon, learning about science and medical things, and collecting toys. I've recently been very into learning about body modification as well (though, have always been an enthusiast.)

I draw, and you can find me at Furaffinity and DA, as well as Livejournal, where I spend an inordinate amount of internet time. :3

Feel free to ask me questions, drop me a PM, or strike up a conversation! I might be quiet at first, but I'm all for meeting new friends.

Kay Alett:
What in particular interests you about body modification? I don't know anything really about the subject.

Haha, well, that took long enough! ;) Glad to see you make a thread here, though!

I think you might be one of the few folks left who was on Furtopia before my time. How'd you find the place? What made you decide to stick around for so long?

Also, I always wondered - how come your fursona is a coyote and not a rat?


--- Quote from: Aerisyka on June 01, 2011, 05:47:31 am ---I reside in central Illinois, going to college.

--- End quote ---

Do you mind if I ask which college?  I myself live in central Illinois, and I'm also attending college in central Illinois (UIUC, to be exact).

*Pokes head in* Well, good to see you around!  ;)


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