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--- Quote from: Kaloyan Alett on June 01, 2011, 10:51:06 am ---What in particular interests you about body modification? I don't know anything really about the subject.

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The idea of using your body as a canvas (in relation to tattoos and such) has always fascinated me, and I think in many cases, when done properly and tastefully, it can greatly accentuate a person's appearance and be incredibly beautiful and cool-looking! Plus I like sparkly things, so looking at varieties of jewelry is always a fun time. :D

As for the more extreme stuff, (implants, surgical modifications) I totally enjoy reading about it due to my interest in semi-medical procedures and seeing people's interesting ideas, but it's usually not something I'd consider having done to myself!

--- Quote from: Arbutus on June 02, 2011, 07:40:57 am ---I think you might be one of the few folks left who was on Furtopia before my time. How'd you find the place? What made you decide to stick around for so long?

Also, I always wondered - how come your fursona is a coyote and not a rat?

--- End quote ---

I actually found the place via googling for furries, after a friend on one of the roleplay forums I used to be a part of made a thread about them. It kinda became one of my internet homes back in the day, and never left the list of sites I visit regularly. Even though most of the people I talked to when I started have since moved on, I still think it's a fun place to browse with a good sense of community. :3

Ah, good question! I love rats, but I don't have the same sort of intrinsic connection on a personal level with the species. The coyote just fits me as a person in every aspect, by nature and mannerisms. I feel a strong connection to the Native American mythology associated with it as well, and I think it accurately describes what I am and what I aim to be. (I want to throw the word "spiritual" in there, but it seems a little silly. (: )
I do have an alternate rat fursona that I doodle sometimes, but she's more of a separate character.

--- Quote from: redyoshi49q on June 02, 2011, 10:43:47 pm ---Do you mind if I ask which college?  I myself live in central Illinois, and I'm also attending college in central Illinois (UIUC, to be exact).

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I'm at Heartland Community down in Bloomington. You're not too far away! I hear there's a fair number of furries living up in the Champaign/Urbana area.

the crystal husky:
hello, do you mind me asking what aspect of being a furry you love most? 8)

Oops, sorry it took me a second to get back to this!

Hm, well, the community aspect is pretty nice. I've met a lot of really great people through being involved with furry culture, and then there's that whole sense of "wow, a whole group of people that like the same kind of offbeat thing I do!"

But overall, I'd have to say the art. I just really like drawing animal people. :D And it's inspired a lot of my creativity/drive to improve!

I like your new avvy!  It has a strange yet intriguing blend of cute and attitude.

Storm Fox:
Aerisyka has been away for a long time and has been respectfully dismissed from her Watcher position due to inactivity.
Her staff thread will now be closed.


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