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Hello. Mylo here!

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Hi everyone!  I'm Mylo, an arctic fox.  I joined Furtopia because I considered it to be a one-of-a-kind community among not only the furry fandom, but among so many other forums and websites I've visited.  I love this place, and now that the staff has appointed me as a watcher, I feel like I can finally contribute back to the well-being and sustainability of Furtopia as a community.  :)

I like to do pretty much anything art-related.  Perhaps I'll add more to this thread later.  For now, if you all want to ask me anything about (most) anything, feel free to do so!

woah!  :o  That's cool, you're a watcher now! :D Congratulations, Mylo.

Congrats Mylo! *bro paw* that's so boss your part of staff now :D


--- Quote from: Jet on August 18, 2012, 11:45:55 pm ---woah!  :o  That's cool, you're a watcher now! :D Congratulations, Mylo.

--- End quote ---

And now, I am watching you. o.o  That's right Jet.  YOU.

Are you!?  O_o


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