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"Wolf Battlefields" on Discovery Channel

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Sporty Fox:
It was a special, but the looks of it make me think they'll do a small series of these- sorta like what they did with the "Animal Face Off" shows.
  I thought the show had some great footage, but I didn't really care for the way it was put together. It was edited to look like a battlefield senario with a breakdown of the warriors (wolves) moves in the "battle" to survive. It had a few neat special effects to teach how a wolf uses it's senses, but it was aimed more for those who aren't wolf (or animal) fanatics than for those who are into biology. So in a way it was meant for the average TV viewer and not anal-retentive naturalist nuts like myself  

A show on wolves tonight?!
Finaly, a show dedicated to wolves
Is this a special or a new series?

thats if i can rember

Basic Cable:  $35 Average...
Basic Directv $35 Average...

Being Able to watch this on Discovery Channel: Priceless..


Well thats a relief...I REALLY thought that would happen LOL!
But seriously,tell us(the Discoveryless furs)what its like when you see it.


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