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Freaks of Noture - New series of Photo poetry

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I THINK I've come to the end of the "One dot below the I" series of free-form poems
(- you may breathe a sigh of relief here)

With this next series of poems I'm trying out something new, by combining photography with poetry.
So, it's all graphical and I hope the resolution does it justice. Anyway, I'll put in some external links to the poems.

It's my  hope you'll  decide to travel along with me on this journey.

It is my plan that "Freaks of Noture" (sic) will be a series of poems that work, side-by-side with photographs.
It's all about mankind, and our interaction with nature and examining our place within nature.

I'll try to take a neutral stance - to just be an observer, a camera.
If you've followed my "one dot" series of poems, you might have noticed how I've tried to remove the "I" - the poet from the poetry, and let the poem become its own entity.

I'm trying to do the same for this series, by reducing the poet to an observer and photographer, without leaving too much of a footprint.

Nature is life and death, it's feral and beautiful and scary. It changes and remains constant. It soothes and shocks, and I hope to do it justice in this series.

So, without further ado, join me as I examine humankind and its current place within this thing we like to call nature.






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