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A journey


Jade Sinapu:
you can critique / comment if you want.
 i wrote this at work during a lull in work... :-[

Sitting in the daffodils and tulips,
Never feeling useless.
So alive,
At the wonderful age of five.
Full of life, magic everywhere.
Everyone you meet, with so much to share.
Dreams of wolf life, so vivid and surreal.
Ask me; I tell you they were real.
Hunting, prowling, eating, sleeping.
Perfection! No need for weeping!
I was a pup, free and happy.
Not a care in the world.
Now everything’s crappy.
Like something demonic, unfurled.
I remember times of yore,
Without so much gore.
Animaniacs, NES, late nights, and the rest.
It wasn’t ever a total bore-fest!
Riding my bike, through forest and field.
Coming home by lights end.
Nothing dangerous, no need for a shield.
Living free and happy, no money to spend.
I attach my pretty fox tail.
Electricity flowing through me.
Screaming like a banshee.
Running in the yard, before the days of email.
Talking to big dogs with my eyes.
My feelings, no need to disguise.
Seeing subtle movements, hearing quiet sounds.
Our communication, knowing no bounds.
Friends everywhere, animals galore!
You couldn’t ask for much more!
Family and friends, young, without problems!
Now it seems, only, inner goblins.
Where did time go, all the seasons past?
On the winds they did blow, much too fast.
The world took from me what was mine.
…the things that made me shine.
Ripped from me, something special.
Inside, it twists me like a pretzel.
Things were perfect, innocent, true.
But now my mind is filled, with putrid grey goo.
I resist all that I know to be evil and wrong,
Now I know I must remain headstrong.
Wolf spirit I turn to you now.
Can you save thou?
Scratching from deep inside.
An animal caged.
Bursting with rage.
Frightened, alone, terrified…
I am lost now… forgot who I am.
Am I a human, or a wolf?
Or a wolf within a human?
My eyes open, pupils adjust.
From the darkness, a golden light!
Dim at first, then burning bright.
Is it friend or foe?
I do not know!
Backed into a corner.
Senses on fire.
I must not tire.
To me, they are a foreigner.
A figure appears, blurry.
Get ready! Hurry!
A familiar smell.
Of what I cannot tell.
Paws wrap around my skin,
I feel them against my old fur.
My head begins to spin,
Memories begin to stir.
I thought you dead!  Is it you, friend?
Here to rescue me, here to defend?
How I got caged, I don’t recall.
Perhaps it started, when I began to fall.
Down, down I tumbled, a few years ago.
No one to cling to, no sis, no bro.
Hunted I was, trapped I became.
Now I am, not the same.
But you, holding me now, I know I am saved.
Let’s start again, together this path we can pave.
Love me and show me how to love. Let me hold your furry glove.
Nuzzle my face. Can we decrease this space,
Between us?
Your form is so appealing. It sends my head reeling!
You heart is so kind, your wisdom so true.
I haven’t met anyone, before like you!
Teach me the kindness only you know.
So that the openness of my mind shall grow.
You speak to my inner animal.
And you are something graspable.
Someone to speak to, about different things.
Without the words, designed to sting.
You bridge the gap between things conflicting.
With essentially nothing that is restricting.
I desire to be something more.
The idea is yet just a spore.
Into a Wolf, I need to transform.
With a burst of light, and a big windstorm.
Pursue it I must, yet people think me crazy.
Just how I will do it, it’s all still hazy.
Potions, incantations, medical procedures.
Anything to make people believers,
That I transformed.
Your kind has less hate.
Humans could learn something great.
If they would only listen.
In my mind, the idea starts to glisten.

Let me follow you, let me see.
Like you, I must be!

Iara Warriorfeather:
Love it! Thank you for sharing! Legalize awoo!  :goldhowl: :goldgrin:

Jade Sinapu:
Spoiler: showIt is supposed to be about the story of how one had a perfect life, living like a free spirited animal .  Then how life changed them, and how they became lost.  Then how a furry-type character pulls them back into life.  Its the first poem I have written in  many years.  Its kind'a corney I admit. :-[

Iara Warriorfeather:

Spoiler: showIt's not corny at all, it was very touching and I liked it. If you can continue creating more verse I would enjoy reading it!


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