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Walking in front of me


Jade Sinapu:
I will try to keep this terse.
This poem has 2 lines of mildly suggestive verse.
It also has one weak swear word .
In other areas, things may have gotten blurred

I admit my style is probably rather unfashionable and simple, but it is what rolls off my flapping tongue.
I am not a professional writer.  I was just having fun.
I think that this unsophisticated poem is classified as doggerel.
You know, almost rhymes with dog-drool. Fitting.

Spoiler: show
Walking in Front of Me

These woods are the place I like to be
With you walking in front of me.
The sunlight burning bright in your fur.
Quietly, you continue to purr...
... As you walk in front of me.

The heat of sunlight soaking deep into your fine coat.
Vaporizing oils that float on the breeze you make.
I am surrounded by the odor of you, floating in your lake.
Hoping it will last, pray nothing will capsize my boat.

Your silky black tail, with its gentle curve so right.
I declare, is one of the prettiest things in sight!
The way it connects with a wonderful bump,
And whats beneath..oops...tripped over a stump!

Your paws land on the forest floor without a sound.
Panting with frustration, I continue to pound.

You are taking me to your private place only you know.
A place where you say the white rapids flow.
Between smoothed boulders worn by time.
A place, you assure, that is sublime.
The hunting is easy, the air clean.
I bet you live there, like a queen.
The trail is long, but the view is pretty.
As I walk behind this fluffy, cute, kitty.

Looking down, your claws retracted.  A relaxed feline.
Looking down, mine are blunt and fixed, typical canine.
How much farther is it there?  I whine.
Are we walking the straightest line?

"What's the hurry, do you have some place to be?
Why not walk this path with me?"
No, no.  No plans have I.
Harder, I guess I must try.

Do you have anything to eat once we get there?
Perhaps a crisp apple, juicy peach, or ripe pear?

Hey you dropped something, what is this?
"Hmm...must be the key to my cabin up ahead.
We can go there.. or keep walking instead..."
Cabin please, I sure need to take a piss

"Cant you use the outdoors?"
No, I'm a dog of the indoors.
What, you think I walk on all fours?

"I do sometimes, its only primal.
For survival, its often vital.
You can run faster,
To escape disaster.
You know like an animal?
Certainly that is something understandable?
Hey speaking of, I could show you how to live like a big cat.
Anyway, were almost there!  Let's cut the chitchat!"

Fitting the key to the lock, it easily turns.
inside I see, a light that burns
Candles all around, already lit
You had this planned, now I get-it!

A dinner table, a comfy bed.
This place is much more than a shed!
What a cozy place... just yourself?
Kind of reminds me of my old place in Guelph.

Well, well what's for dinner?
That long walk has made me thinner!
Meat all around if you please!
Canines are lactose intolerant, seriously, no cheese!

Set before me, plates of plenty!
Meat of all kinds, maybe twenty!
Does anything excite me more than good food?
Except, perhaps, hedgehogs stewed?

A gust of wind blows the windows ajar.
Now where did that come from? Bizarre!
The candles are out!  I can't see!
Oooof!  Dang!  I bumped my knee!

"The food has spilled all over the place!
How ever will I clean this space?"
Let's use our raspy tongues, you know what to do!
Just slurp it up, don't forget to chew!

"Okay, but what about us?  We are covered in vittles."
Well, that's easy!
Same as the floor; just don't hold the giggles!


Iara Warriorfeather:

So cute! I like your verse very much! Bravo!  :D

Jade Sinapu:
I'm glad you liked it Iara!  Some tounge-in-cheek humor, albeit not the best.  But I had fun.
Maybe the next one will be more serious.  :D

I really want to write something like a section of Reynard the Fox in the traditional verse style and vocabulary and keep to the tradition.   If would be fun.   But I would want to do well so that I could do it justice.

Probably I will just write about something contemporary that I know.

Also on another note, I know my style is not sophisticated, and my intention is for fun only.  I do not mean to detract from the seriousness and quality style of others who post here. 


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