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Why do people need an AR-15?

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Chewy, God of Rats:

--- Quote from: Storm Fox on June 18, 2022, 05:09:26 am ---
But so long as everyone can keep their cool and discuss things respectfully, there should be no reason to lock this.

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That seems hard to do given the specific topic at hand. Some people are very passionate about it.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

Jade Sinapu:
I watched the video.
Yes they are the most optimized rifle made thus far.

As a critique on the video...
So what is the " emergency" cases that he references?
And what is probability of occurrence?
This has always been my big question in this debate.

If it is home defense... is it easier to maneuver in home with long gun. Or hand gun? Do you need the power of AR-15, or will 22 suffice? Do you need accuracy of rifle to hit intruder 10 foot from you, or will hand gun be good enough? Do you need deep magazine of 20, or will 12 be good? My Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm is good enough for me.

If you are a soldier in a firefight,  maybe you need range, big magazine
, high accuracy,  and the grenade launcher attachment.

So for the average home owner. Is the AR -15 literally overkill? Will those rounds exit the body of the intruder and hit someone or something behind them?  Will a hand gun with hollow points stop intruder, and only them?  A body is soft, easy to puncture.   Many intruders do they wear tactical gear?

If our government is supposedly going to attack its people,  how is this going to happen, and what are the historical examples in this country,  and how can citizens fight that? This needs answering before one should be expected to believe there is a real threat to the citizens of the  USA  by its government. If we all lived in a war torn country,  these arguments would hold water because the government, neighboring areas,  etc may actually be your enemy. 

If the other emergency cases are attack from another country,  again, what are historical cases of citizens using these weapons to stop enemy.  The people of the USA have had to make a unified,  trained fighting force to be effective against an enemy.  Look at the few soldiers who volunteered from USA to go fight in Ukraine.  They are joining forces there.  They are not fighting by themselves.  People in WWII were drafted,  trained and sent enmass to fight the enemy. And they had more than rifles. Air support,  heavy vehicles,  amphibious vehicles,  intelligence reports,  communications,  etc. 

Pearl harbor.  Did citizens or soldiers stop that from happening by using firearms? No.  How could they?  If a government, be it another,  wants to give USA citizens a beat down,  they need to go through the military first. And we have the finest!!

If our own government wants to attack its citizens,  they can use tanks,  planes,  grenades,  charges,  fully automatic weapons,  directed energy weapons,  cyber attacks,  and who knows what else.  So how will your weapon stop that. Can your gun stop power grid from going off line? No but it can kill your neighbor so you can get their water store.  This is what I see them being used for here if things really go south.  We won't ban together,  we will have in fighting. A government does not kill its populace,  why would it? They would be killing the golden goose. They would enslave us but keep us alive.  And since they have more weapons than us,  our best defense against a tyrannical government is our vote. Nip it in the bud. America is good at that.  We haven't let it happen. 

So yes it is the most advanced rifle a citizen can get here.  So what.
Good intelligence often trumps weapons. There is more to being safe than owning a weapon. 

Culturing a good society with educated people,  who want peace, is our biggest issuance against such evil as the supposed emergencies he tries hard not to explain.

Kay Alett:
Personally I don't think it should be banned.
Yeah i saw the video though I skipped past the whole history of firearms lesson to get to his final point.

I don't think this weapon should be banned, i don't really see the point of it. Anyone who is determined to go on a killing spree is going to get a hold of whatever they can. Private collectors or enthusiasts are just people who appreciate weapons for various reasons and they're not a danger to anyone.

How about instead of banning weapons we start working on changing our culture that causes these mass shootings to happen in the first place.
And i think it all starts with education. America's education system is appalling and in dire need of improvement.

When it comes to personal defense I don't believe that anyone really needs an automatic rifle. Especially since a machine pistol can offer many of the same features with added mobility. A rifle is better for longer distances but if your attacker is running away you have no reason to shoot them.

Now about the idea of the military tyranny...
Even if you have a dozen fully automatic weapons fully loaded and ready to go what are you really going to do if tanks and MRAPs come rolling down your block and whole companys of soldiers start going door to door demanding weapons.
You can cry "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers" but till you're actually faced with that scenario I'm gonna doubt you. Bravery is not a function of firepower.

What about them so called emergency situations? Lets say what they really want to say, nuclear war. Should you stockpile weapons in case of the apocalypse?
But it's not likely to happen. First of all if the US gets nuked whomever did the deed is gonna be more hated than Russia is right now. Secondly there's not going to be a mad max road warrior style apocalypse going on here.
You're not going to step out of your house loaded for war and be the big hero of your neighborhood.
The only thing that'll be heroic is helping your neighbors out.

I live in Slab City, it's the closest thing you can get to post apocalyptic living without the radiation and you know what's been the biggest thing helping me through living here? It ain't the weapons i have for personal defense, it's my neighbors sharing their food and water and me sharing my food and water.

I don't think the ar 15 should be banned, but i also don't think everyone really needs one. A solid, reliable revolver is one of the best guns you can have.
Easy to clean, simple to load and unload, won't jam, and six bullets are more than enough to deal with your average attacker.

Maybe a Winchester repeater if you really need something with a higher rate of fire and a round with more energy.

Rocket T. Coyote:
If grandma is being chased by 5 thugs, then will six bullets be enough? She'd better be a very very good shot.


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