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When the HECK is Zootopia 2 being released?

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Jade Sinapu:
I keep reading conflicting reports as to when or even if Zootopia 2 is going to be shown.
Any one know?

I wish I knew, Jade. I'd like to see a sequel just as much as you do.

Jade Sinapu:
One web site said this year 2021, mid to late August.
Another site said 2029
So I have NO idea.

Wait! Disney is making a Zootopia sequel?! How did I NOT know about this?!
Since I didn't know of the movie I have zero clue about when it will be released lol.
Also why didn't they make Treasure Planet 2? I love Treasure Planet :)

Do you think it will be called 2topia? Zoo2pia? 2 2 pia?
For a more serious suggestion...perhaps Zootopia PD - In the Nick of Time?

They are probably waiting for covid to subside so the characters can be filmed without wearing masks ^.^



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