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Netflix series: "Sexy Beasts"

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Now I've seen everything.  :o As if dating couldn't get any weirder. The makeup prostetics worn by some of these people look quite amazing. If furries ever did exist, I'd imagine they might look like the people in this vid. Would you try dating someone this way?

cause the rat:
There is one scene in the preview of a guy bowling. Looks more like a furmeet than anything I've seen on TV. Sit back and watch the world turn furry around us.

Dating shows are full of shallow people. Watched by shallow people. Most haters are shallow people. So haters will be watch people dressed as animals acting normal and having fun. I can see nothing but good coming out of this.

Kay Alett:
Well this really neat. I wonder if this is gonna wake anything up in the participants? Like I wonder if any of them will think to themselves "Being a panda was actually kind of fun. Maybe I should dress like that more often". I know it will most certainly wake some of the audience up to their inner furry. :D

Storm Fox:
Don't know. It has this uncanny feeling about it.
I'm thinking that the normies will probably say, "what the hell is this?" And most furries will say, "what the hell is this?"

...Honestly kept expecting the Doctor Who intro music to start at some point.

Jade Sinapu:
 If I wasn't in a meeting at work this very instant I would watch the video!   x_x


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