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DenFur and Corgi Events 2022 Problems-Cancellation Imminent?


Iara Warriorfeather:
There are lots of monetary issues and problems within the staff of Denfur/Corgi Events LLC right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Corgi Events gets shut down altogether.

Proof: (most recent video)

This means the following cons are likely to be cancelled for 2022 and the foreseeable future:
Sin City Murrcon
Golden State Fur Con
Whinny City Bronycon

If you've already paid for these cons, please do your best to get a refund.

It's like Califur all over again. Please be careful and I'm so very sorry things ended this way. :(

Jade Sinapu:
According to, there is no real problem, just drama... SO.... IDK
I will wait and see.  Thankfully if I do decide to go to Denfur in 2022, I will test the waters with only a basic con registration.  Then later book hotel if registration monies and ticket goes through. 

Jade Sinapu:
but it is sad to hear all that happens behind the scnenes

Jade Sinapu:
So yeah... Denfur.... what a mess.
I probably will not go even if I could. 
So sad.

Iara Warriorfeather:
It sucks how things went down and weren't handled the way they should have been.  :(


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