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Favorite essential oil smell?


Jade Sinapu:
I went to store, I bought some scent. I wondered if others liked or hated such things. Thus this poll.
Not being a furry topic,  it's here.
Feel free to list your favorite stink

cause the rat:
Chose other. I like to mix pine with sage.

Do scented pinecones count?
And also who put dog annal glands on that list?  Lol gross 

Jade Sinapu:
Haha,  I added the dog scent. Heck yeah it sinks.  Hopefully no one ever votes for that!

I think pinecone smell is very good choice!
I like that too.  To be honest there are so many options I didn't know where to start or stop.

I also like fake strawberry.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Hoppes #9


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