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Closing of web hosting.

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Black friday is coming up - might be able to nab some bargains. (:

Sk Skunk:
It has to be tough to keep a creature like this going, even more so with those pesky RL things to distract you. It's not like your in this for the money. :D Hopefully things will get better for everyone, and this is but a small bump in the road.

I'm just thankful for what you, and the staff can provide, whether it only lasts for a short time, or continues for another 10 years!

Serra Belvoule:
Awr, it kinda feels sad. I started my furrydom on those hosted sites...

I know everyone.  I hate to see it go as well.  Hopefully Avan will be able to continue it on.  A lot of people are hosted.  Not sure any more how many these days. LOL  I quit counting after 3000.

Well, things are looking up for this server - I got a PSU for it, and I'm going to be installing debian on a smaller, temporary harddrive to test it out. I still need to buy the larger harddrives however.
Debian is downloading right now, and it will probably be late tonight before it is finished downloading.


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