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RCFM 2005

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I didn't see another thread about this convention....

Well, anyone going to RCFM in May?  I'm going, as long as everything works out until then....

You can find info about it at:

I got an e-mail from Lennox the other day and he said they (Sub-Level 03) are going to be performing on Sunday at RFCM.  I would soooooo like to go but due to Morphicon just a few weeks earlier I doubt I will have the cash to make the trip.

But.... if I win the Lottery, look out!

It should be a good con, they had a good following at FWA promoting RFCM.

*looks for spare change on the floor*

Burnt Tiger:
Yeah, I should be going out there! Woo, my first con.

aww man...I just got the email this week about sub level 03 being there...
I would LOVE to go... but Morphicon and someone special thereabouts is my #1 priority.
I wish I could do both.

Las, If you hit the lottery--Remember the Tiger!

I plan on going. It'll be my first con, too.


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