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  Are there any places near Arizona where furs can just meet up and hang out... You know like a lounge or do they do that...hmmm. Well lonely wuffie fur looking for some close buddies!
                                   buh bye

 wickenburg I go to all the time... I don't live there but I have family... If you are within 50 miles of there or anywhere west along the 60 let me kow.


Party Pony:
Should be a fair number of furs in Arizona.
It is home to one of the early furcons,  "Zonie-con"!

Also seem to recall there were flyers at Califur for a NEW fur-con to be held in Arizona.

Nikko: Wickenburg huh?  Wowie...I'm in the buckeye region that's only about 30 minutes away right?  Million a thanx to ya Nikko
*wags tail*
Party pony: Thank you for the con-info, do ya know where exactly the califur con will take place I really do appreciate your help *big wuffie hugs*

YES...  Being that it's that close we will have to make some arangement to hang out. My wife and I like meeting new furz. Do you have a car... if so that'll make it much easyer. If not we will still figure it out. I don't know if we will end up out in wickenburg for another month or so but... I am there often enough for a hello.



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