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Furtopia at AnthroCon 05?

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Is there going to be another Furtopia party or something like in the past this their gonna' be our own 'furmeet' at AC this year? *this bouncing pantha' wants to know* =3

WAAAAAAHH!!  I wanna go!  

There's always next year.

Same here Sheeta, I had to cancel at the last minute.  

Sporty Fox:
Friday night 9pm-1am, my room- I'll post the room number on the anouncement board thurs when I arrive (where ever they put it up at). It's BYOB- I'll bring a venison hindquarter for sandwhiches to snack on if anyones interested or we can just order out.

I won't have the internet starting Friday and ending the Friday after AC, so I can't check for room numbers or anything. I'll be hanging around Sunoo, though, so yeah, if he goes, I will. I'll see what I can do for food, but I can't make any promises. I have parking covered, finally, but food for myself is going to be tough. If anything, I'll try to bring some chips or something.


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