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Furtopian camp out!

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Just to let fellow Furtopian's know I have been planning on a Furtopian camp out this summer!  My idea is to have it at Carter Caves state park Kentucky.  No date is yet set.  This is a general poll to see who would actualy like a Furtopian camp out.  

The park is breath takingly beautiful, lots of trails, streams, and caves, cheap nice lots, and about as centraly located as I think we could get for midwest-east cost.

So who things they would be game?  Woof!?


Definitely sounds like a good idea.  

Sounds great, but I know I probably won't be able to get off work, and my Mom would never let me....  (Her roof... her rules...)
Maybe next year....

Sounds rather intreaging. Money would be biggest factor, though it looks potentially do able.. When were you thinking?

Jez Anthro:
That sounds great, but my mom will have qa stroke at the mere mention of it. I can here it now. "you want to go were with who!??"
   Sounds like a great idea, though. I'll try to make up some story to go


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