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Digital photo and furry drawing mix.

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Old Rabbit:
I posted this a few years back. Thought I would bring it here for those new
members who may have missed it. A skunk Archer practicing in my back yard. :orbunny:

Hope you all enjoy it.

Comments welcome as always.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

And still one of the best pics ever! :) I like how this one turned out.

Awsome! I love it! :)

That's cool! I feel like your shading matched the perspective from which the picture was taken, which is why it looks so good :)

Old Rabbit:
Thanks for the comments everyone. It's not often a organic drawing looks good
pasted to a photo.. At the time I was suprised how it turned out. I had made the
drawing sometime before I took the picture. Yes I think your right about the
shading. It definitely helped the illusion along with a few blades of grass next
to the feet, and a light shadow. Of course photoshop helped too..:orbunny:


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