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CACE 2005

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Even though Cace has expanded to include all aspects of cartooning (anime, fantasy, etc.) It's still mostly known for it's furry-ness. So who all's going? I'm really excited, only a month and a bit left to go!

Firestorm Six:
I will be there, ( i had my hotel room booked and pre-reg sent in last fall.  

Finally a reply! I have loads of stuff to bring, hopefully I'll get to see you there.
I must let people know, how shy I can get, and how I tend to blush and babble when nervous

Firestorm Six:
*smiles* will be good to see you there Ecco. ( i cant' even remember if we ever met in person. ) I do remember the Christmas gift trade we done a fiew years ago though.     ( the fridge magnet gift pic you sent me is still on my fridge.

Aww yay! I've never met with you, but I look forward to, and anyone else for that matter! I have no clue where my table is, but that's ok.


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