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Bourne Supremecy
« on: July 25, 2004, 01:35:38 am »
Sorry, it was a let down.
I wasn't in love with the first one, but I at least liked it a little. The biggest flaw?


Maybe it was good as a book but this just didn't swing as a film at all. The most important parts just come across as so contrived for the sake of creating conflict. Not believable. Terribly flawed script. It's devoid of resolution. That so-called wrap up at the end just left so many things dangling. He apologizes for killing someone's parents and walks away with the emotional commitment of saying your sorry you knocked over their garbage cans.

It seemed like all the effort in the film was put into the chase scenes, which I have to say were pretty darn good, but don't make up for a lackluster film over all.

At least it was short. About 100 minutes. How do I know? I KEPT LOOKING AT MY WATCH ALL THE TIME. That's not good.