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Jade Sinapu:
Nights dip to 24F, days at 62F. VERY windy
Yet we had 3 fires in town!
So no precipitation.  Looks like a cold dry winter again.

I bought a , get this, mercury in glass thermometer, which is lab grade and measures 1 deg C intervals.
Why mention this?  First it was available (yard sale), second it was only $15, and third, it is "calibrated", fourth it seems to be accurate and has shown my other thermometer to be inaccurate.
So I am using this now as a weather thermometer etc.  I just fear .. if it breaks!


Jade Sinapu:
Snow squalls, whiteouts, cold, snowy, flakes coming down, but about dang time

Rocket T. Coyote:
Overcast and mid-40s.

Sunny, windy, and cold in the upper teens to low 20's.


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