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Darkest Reach
« on: December 13, 2015, 03:43:08 pm »
I'm not exactly sure how this will fit in here but i wanted to share it with you, it is base in the Pokemon world and i originally wanted it to be a creepypasta but don't worry theres
no lavender town here.

p.s. after rereading this my self i saw a few spelling and grammer error's also although not directly voilent it is quite decriptive so be warned. im gonna tell an admin and get it checked out.

Darkest reach

Life in Ecruteak city was always quiet, growing up me and my childhood friend Ryan were always getting in trouble on our wild adventures mostly due to Ryan's reckless disregard for fear and danger, despite his lack of fear being his only real flaw unlike me being scared of my own shadow he was always there for me out and would always take the blame, saying the same comforting words “I will always look after you Sophie”. But things weren't the same when Ryan went off to become a Pokémon trainer, he always visited on my birthday bringing amazing gifts from his travels and always had stories of his antics for me. On my 14th birthday he gave me a Piplup he caught while in the Unova region, over the month's following my Piplup and I became very close always looking out for each other, people would often tell me that it was a joy to see us in town even if we were up to no good.

I was on yet another wild adventure with Piplup who by then I had named flipper, when I got a call on my pokégear from my dad telling me that Ryan had come to visit and he had a big surprise for me, when I got back home I was so out of breath I nearly passed out. Once I had regained my breath Ryan told me that he was going to take me to Hoenn on a trip to see the sights, explore and go on a grand adventure for a few months, in my excitement I turned around too fast and tripped over flipper smashing my pokégear on the floor, devastated that I wouldn't be able to call my mum and dad while I was away, Ryan comforted me and said he would get me a new one once we were in Hoenn, I was up all night getting ready for our trip before we travelled on the next ship to Hoenn the next day.

It was a day and a half on the ship before we finally arrived in Slateport city, taking in all I could see left me breathless it was a dream come true, I had always wanted to go to the Hoenn region and most of all Mount Chimney and explore some of the unmapped caves around there. Knowing this Ryan had planned that to be our first port of call, while on route to Mount Chimney I had my 1st battle with a wild Skitty, after a hard fought battle Ryan quickly handed me a pokéball to catch it, after throwing the ball at Skitty I watched nervously as the ball twitched from side to side until it stopped and Skitty had been caught. Called my new Skitty out we carried on toward Lavaridge town. The journey had taken most the day but eventually we got to Lavaridge town before nightfall and found some were to stay the night before exploring the next day.

The next day we set out looking for a place to explore and it wasn't long before we found an unmapped cave about half way up the volcano that we could explore, I was unsure about that cave from the start, the entrance looked very unstable almost as though it could collapse from a gust of wind, ever eager for the danger and adventure Ryan charged into it without a second thought, not wanting to be left behind I caught up and followed Ryan into the dark, Ryan now using his Blaziken to light the way we ventured deep into the cave.

After what seemed like an age we stopped to rest however while we were resting Ryan realized we had lost our bearing, with no idea what way was out we made camp in the cave to give Blaziken a well-deserved rest, flipper and Skitty had walked by my side the whole time and now looked extremely tired from how far we had travelled so I called them into their pokéball's to rest.

As our Pokémon rested in their pokéball's we did not get the same luxury, constantly being startled by scuttling sounds around us and an ominous low growling coming from the depths of the cave, yet sometimes sounding like it was behind us. The strong smell of sulphur and the intense heat was making it hard to breath properly, Ryan tried to comfort me saying it was probably just a lava pool somewhere. I could hear the doubt in his voice making me nervous. Ryan took watch insisting I try to get some sleep, even with him watching out for me I couldn't help but curl up next to him shaking, terrified of what lay in the oppressive dark beyond our small fire.

I managed to get a little sleep in the end as sort lived as it was. being wrenched awake to Ryan grabbing me and throwing me over shoulder sprinting as fast as he could, I could feel the fear radiating from him, looking behind him I saw six glowing lights piercing through the dark, it felt staring into the deepest part of my soul. The sound of thunderous smashing footsteps filled the tunnels. The creature that chased us sounded huge and furious. Somehow Ryan outran it! Taking turn after turn passing briefly through a few caverns winding deeper and deeper into the darkest reaches of the caves. When we finally stopped he put me down only for me to collapse to the floor in tears of fear of the events that had just happened, I franticly grabbed my pokéball's to check that my Pokémon had been safely in them, calling out flipper and Skitty, both had been safe but they looked as scared as I felt. They rushing to me for the comfort of my presence. Ryan said they must have heard what was happening outside their balls and were probably fearing for my safety but had been too scared and inexperienced to help.

Once I had overcome the fear that had paralysed me we were face with now being far deeper into the cave, still unsure of how to get out and now knowing that something was chasing us. The thought of the creature that had chased us was enough to scare even the fearless Ryan made me lose hope of ever escaping the cave alive.

Once more we set off I called Skitty back while we traversed the labyrinth of tunnels and caverns that made up the cave system, now going at a much faster pace than before with flipper sat on my shoulder trying to cheer me up. We were desperate to get out and eventually arrived at a huge cavern. Dimly light by a lava pool below with the overpowering smell of sulphur and heat so heavy it was difficult to breath. From our large high ledge we could see no escape only a narrow crack at the far end of the ledge. Turning back to go and try one of the many different paths we saw earlier we saw the six glowing lights as before sounded by a massive shadow and the sound claws tearing into the rock like nails on blackboard and a low terrifying growl filled the air amplified by the shape of the cavern. Ryan grabbed me and pulled me behind him, taking care not to knock flipper of my shoulder. Ryan call out his most powerful Pokémon Torterra. Bursting out of its ball into an all-out charge it raced to the only entrance to the cavern swallowed up by the darkness, there was a massive roar and Torterra suddenly came hurtling back having been tossed aside like leaves in the wind. As Torterra comes flying backwards me and Ryan dive out of way before Torterra smashed into the wall with such force causing huge rocks and debris to be flung across the area, as I landed I smashed my head on floor nearly knocking me out.

As I got up Bleeding and dazed from the impacted I saw Torterra engulfed in flames and lava pouring out of the hole in wall burning his flesh off, I realised Piplup had been thrown off my shoulder as I dived out of the way he had hit by Torterra and was now disintegrating in the lava flowing from the wall into the lava pool below. Screaming with tears tuning down my face I tried run to him to save him but Ryan stopped me shouting at me there was nothing I could do for him it was to late already. Ryan shoved me toward the crack we had seen earlier with the hope it was big enough for me to fit in and to escape. As I was run to crack I could hear him call all of his Pokémon out. I got to the crack and turned seeing Ryan's Pokémon battling fearsomely with a large black creature, Ryan was look at me slumped in defeat and looking terrified he yelled above the sound of claws on the rock and Pokémon battling “Sophie RUN GET OUT OF HERE! GO”. I squeezed into the tight crack, I crept my way along it all the time I could hear the ripping of flesh and the same roar I had heard to many times before. As the path opened up the screams of agony silenced, The last thing I heard was that terrifying roar with an added note of fury. Ryan had saved me one last time

As I stumbled along towards the light I realised I was crying, as I stumbled out of an opening I collapsed to the floor shaking in shock, fear and grief. I had seen my first dearest Pokémon die horribly and had heard my best friend the boy I had loved but never told ripped apart. I can not remember how I got away to Lavaridge town

“Ryan! Flipper I love you both and will never forget either of you”.
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