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Furry Vision
« on: March 02, 2021, 05:35:58 pm »
I am starting to lose my blue color cone sensitivity.  Sucks
Oh well.  But it made me do some research.

I have always been fascinated with color vision and how it works.  I have learned a bit now, and thought I "knew it all". But of course I did not.
I have found out that some species can see with 4 color sensitive cones, and others have 5!

For me, I have 3, like most and I have in the past "extended" my vision range with devices.  I have used IR viewers to see 930nm all the way to 2000nm.  I have had the rare chance to use a camera that could see ultraviolet in the 350nm area.  And I have a DSLR with color filters for Yellow, Orange, Red, IR 830, IR 850, Green, Blue, Magenta, and Cyan.  And of course I would use an x-ray machine and digital x-ray film to image things at those wavelengths when I could. ( I had after hours access to an old school x-ray machine).  So in some way I have had the chance to see some objects in 50nm to 2000nm light.  The differences are staggering in some cases and none in others.

For your fursona, can you "see" in extended ranges of color, or do you have reduced ranges of color?
What is that ability used for, or are there any issues with reduced color range?  Does reduced color range allow for faster recognition of things because of reduced information?

Does this visual ability/disability of your fursona cause issues ever?  Does it have a hereditary reason?  Was it engineered?
Is there something your fursona can see that others can't?
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