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Who do you consider to be your favorite character or group of characters from an anime show and why? What do you like most about a certain character?

The crew of the Bebop are a classic for me. Team of inefficient bounty hunters are fun stuff :D!


The S.O.S. Brigade: Oh Haruhi..

S.E.E.S. is also a favorite of mine, assuming you would accept Persona 3 under the anime genre ;)

The group from Scrapped Princess. Scrapped Princess taught you that how quickly your spells is all that matters if it means your opponent can never cast his one-shot death spell.

Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji, followed somewhat closely by Grell Sutcliff, The Undertaker and Prince Soma (Also from Kuroshitsuji) and Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool Host Club

But really, all the Kuro characters are brilliant. ;P


The wolf's rain wolf pack characters go very well together as a group,  too.    :D

But individually?

Mmm,  That'd be a tossup between Quint from Wolf's rain,  and Vash the stampede from trigun... xD


"Renamon," from Digimon
My first two loves are female furry characters and computers, and Renamon, being a sentient software artificial life-form that has somehow been able to materialize in the physical world, is an amazing combination of both.  Not only is she an enchanting furry vixen that is always at your side, but if you were ever threatened or in danger she would have you back.  Underneath that soft and fluffy hourglass-shaped frame is one tough vixen that can really kick your head in!  Now if I could only figure out how to write my own Renamon is Microsoft QBasic...   :D

"Felicia the Catwoman" from The Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge OVA
This fine feline pawed her way into my heart way back in 1994 when I first saw her as a playable character in the Capcom arcade game Darkstalkers.  I was so enthralled with her when I first saw her that she was one of the first characters to really start getting me interested in all things furry!  Felicia was featured in two animated series-- an American produced one done by DiC which wasn't particularly memorable, and a 4-episode Japanese anime OVA, which is where the screen capture came from above.

"Bagi," from Osamu Tezuka's Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature
As a furry fan, how could I not be crazy about an alluring female mountain lion furry who constantly is flirtatious with the human main character?  She's like a dream come true in the form of paint on acetate!   :D  The message of this animated television movie was very anti-genetic engineering and recombinant DNA research, however after seeing the wonderful Bagi herself the movie had quite the opposite effect on me!  I say to heck with the ethical dilemmas and the potential dangers!  If Bagis can be made, let's gene-splice away!  Full speed ahead!   She's worth a few potential crimes against nature!  :D

"Kirara," from InuYasha
A loyal nekomata companion like Kirara would be absolutely wonderful to have around!  With Kirara at your disposal you would no longer need to worry about driving to work in the morning traffic ever again-- she can just transform herself into her large-form saber-toothed form and fly you straight to work like some kind of warm and fluffy version of Superman!  And the next time you see some tool of a person trying to show off their exotic supercar to people you can show them up by pulling up next to them with your giant flying twin-tailed saber-toothed cat demon with paws that are on fire-- not even a Bugatti Veyron is a cooler mode of transport than that!!!  Even better still, instead of fueling your flying Kirara transport with ever more expensive gasoline, this mode of transportation runs on kibble and canned tuna-- you just need to make sure to remember to feed her only while she is still in her cute and tiny form, as she could probably eat tuna by the drum-full if you accidentally fed her while she's transformed into her large state!  And could you think of anything more warm and fluffy to cuddle up next to during those frigid winter nights than a giant-form Kirara?  Not only would her body heat and fluff keep you warm, but those flaming paws and tails of hers would act like mini campfires as well!  And when you get sick of her taking up all of your space you can shrink her down to mini-size, kind of like how George Jetson can shrink his flying car into the size of a briefcase, and have her ride around with you on your shoulder all day!  And since there is nothing on this Earth that is cuter than a mini-form Kirara, I bet that she would work insanely great as an accessory to help you pick up chicks in the park or at bars!  Women would just melt over Kirara's cuteness and adorable squeaky little sound she makes!  I'm telling you, having your own Kirara would be the greatest thing ever!  She is a cat-demon right?  Maybe I can summon a Kirara of my own with that old Hasbro Ouija board that I have sitting somewhere in the back of my closet...  ;)

There have also been many other characters from anime cartoons that I have enjoyed over the years that weren't animated pin-up girls, such as "Hiro" from The Venus Wars, nearly all of the members of Public Security Section 9 from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, the Saiyans such as Raditz, early Vegeta, and especially Turles (from the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might) back during the first saga or two of Dragon Ball Z when the Saiyans were the primary villains, "Anubis Dohji, the Dark Warlord of Cruelty" from Ronin Warriors, and many many others-- more than I care to try to remember!


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