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Eeeee costumes~ So who does it? Owns some, has pictures, wants to discuss makers/wishlists/etc?

Myself, I have an anime uniform that is soo cute, a lolita dress, a lolita coat and recently I have acquired a tailcoat for my Sebastian Michaelis cosplaying that I'll be doing next week =^.^=

I'll have pictures of me and some of my friends all in cosplay in about two weeks after I host my own Ouran Highschool Host Club inspired tea party, with a cosplay dress code and anime marathons all day/night/the next day :D

Has anyone else had cosplay events outside of conventions? Do you do it just for fun on occasion? Really, I'm always dressing up when I can, even if it's just on a day that I'll be sitting around the house. It's a nice break from school/work uniforms.

Personally though, I like to collect pieces that aren't too specific to only cosplay and can be worn with other clothes without being obviously costumey for the most part, just a bit fancy.

Long, long ago, I thought about cosplaying as either Inuyasha, a character or two from Macross/Robotech, or something else. I wouldn't mind going to an anime con and cosplaying, but I'm not sure of what character I'd go as now.  :P

The closest thing I'm probably ever going to do related to cosplay is for Halloween this year. In Persona 3, the main characters wore club armbands to represent S.E.E.S. "Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad".

I plan on making them on my own, by the way ;)!

I want to be a basic Minecraft character skin for Halloween this year. I need more cardboard boxes.

Dragging this up from the depths.
I've commissioned the costume lady from my theatre company to make me a Reaver from Fable III costume when she has the current play's work out of the way. I've made the base of the hat for it, which stands at 18".

Also looking to get two Ciel Phantomhive costumes from Black Butler down the track.


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