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Personal Journal Sub-Board
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:26:18 am »
I'm am curious about the possibly of a Sub-Board being created in "General Non-Furry Discussion" for people to have personal journals. The journals would work ideally in basically the same way as the art board does, where each person that wishes to participate makes their own thread. That thread would become there journal were they could make journal entries in whenever they wished, as well as have it open for comments and opinions by other members. The topics would be purely up to the writer so long as it's not out of line with the rules of furtopia.

However to avoid having a twitter like effect and having someone creating a thread filled with innumerable mindless sentence long spam messages about ever action you did while posting to your journal. The entries should be at the very least 300 words, and contain thought out ideas, and thought. Think of it as you were keeping a real diary/journal, you wouldn't write down 3 words per page and call it a night, you'd elaborate down to the final nuance of detail.

However my main reason why I propose this idea is organization, simply because while threads like these could be posted under the general non furry discussion board, I feel they'd be lost in the sea of chaos that is a general board, and because each person would only make one thread some not as active posters journals would be lost in said chaos.

Also on a side not this post was exactly 315 words long, this wasn't actually intentional that I was trying to get in the 300 word ball park range but, it just happened to work out just right, it also provides a good general idea of how long said minimum suggested post would be. (Personally I think it should be about 500 but oh well I'm being nice)

Hoping you'll consider it
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Re: Personal Journal Sub-Board
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2013, 09:13:58 am »
It's a nice thought, but I really can't see it being used that much. There's already blogging sites on the Net that people can post to:
* Live journal
* Blogger
* Myspace
* Facebook
* Tumblir
* Twitter
........and many more. I see no reason to duplicate those here.