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The Last Flop: Aaron Rodgers Final Season

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Chewy, God of Rats:
Aaron Rodgers QB of the Green Bay Packers is still rambling on about possibly retiring or leaving the Organization after this season. What are your guys thought about him? I myself find this situation to just be annoying, and I personally believe Rodgers is right where he belong, an overhyped drama queen, who plays for an overhyped organization with even more drama queen filled fans.
Sincerely, a degenerate NFL gambler

I generally don't keep up to date that much, if at all, with sports news. While I do consider myself a Packers fan, I'll just say that if Rodgers leaves the Packers, then he leaves. If he doesn't, then he doesn't. I'm not really that concerned about it.

cause the rat:
the guy is still good. But not what he used to be. It's not a sport for older players. His playing the sympathy card of retiring is getting old.

 I don't think there's a quarter back in the NFL that isn't a cult of personality drama queen. In my opinion there's no bigger drama queen in the NFL than Tom Brady. His move to Tampa Bay looked more like he wanted more attention. And he is still not getting all the attention he want's. So I look for him to move again once this contract is over. 

Chewy, God of Rats:
I was never bothered by Tom Brady. His fan base is the real problem. These Tom Brady fans who don't even watch football, but always feel the need to mention they are fans of him when they over hear people talking about football. They are just like those annoying co-workers who don't talk politics but always feel the need to rant about Trump the moment they hear someone else talking politics.

cause the rat:
Chewy, kind of like Kurt Warner of the then St Louise Rams. Ya, he had a lot of fans who wouldn't usually give football the time of day. But he did prove that attitude is what wins. Kurt was definitely a cult of personality.

Watched most of the Buccaneers Rams game today. Usually when you see a quarterback sitting on the sidelines he's in the middle of the bench. More often then not surrounded by players. Winning, loosing it doesn't matter. Brady was sitting on the end. Alone. Guess he's the same drama queen for the Buccs as he was for the Patriots.


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