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Sporty Fox:
First off, the rules of this thread:

The only posts allowed are by those posting pictures of fursuits, be it ones they own, ones they have worn, or ones that they have made (While ads themselves are not permitted, pictures of fursuits that you have made or sold are allowed and encouraged).

No comment posts are allowed, if you want to comment or ask questions please do so by PM. Why? Simple- the comments tend to overwhelm the picture posts in these type of threads and we wind up with 10 pages of comments to each page of pictures and no one bothers to look thru the beginning posts after a bit. Any comment posts will be deleted immedietely upon thier discovery and the poster reminded of the policy.

All pics must be no larger than 500 X 400- this is to prevent the forcing of those on lower resolutions to side scroll and to keep the loading times some what tolerable for dail-up users. We want everyfur to both post and enjoy looking at the pictures. :)

While there is no limit to how many pictures you may post please do keep from over posting pics of the same fursuit over and over (New fursuits do not count, you may post as many new threads as you have new fursuits! ). If you have new and more exciting pictures of your older suit then simply edit your older threads and replace the pictures within them. Again, this is to keep the thread usable and enjoyable for all.

Sporty Fox:
Now, to start things off I'm taking pics made in an older Furtopian thread we had long ago and editing them into the first couple of posts.  These have been resized and are in the order they were originally posted.

From SPark:
Okay.  Though I think that most of you here have probably seen the Drabbit by now.  Here it is.  There are lots more pics of it on my website, of course.  Right now it's just a partial with a trench coat.  One of these days I'll actually finish the thing.

From Otto Lontra:
But of course. How could I pass this up.

From Sporty Fox:
RebelKat and I at Morphicon

From Ulario:
I'm sure everyone and their brother has seen this picture by now... My Ulario fursuit.

Sporty Fox:
From Party Pony:
Here I go...

Cannon is my current 'party pony' suit.  He is an accessorized Marylens suit.  ToyFox is the suit I created for my wedding and was seen at several cons and videos.  He was intended to be a 'plush fox' come to life with plenty of foam padding for cuddliness.  Blue Fox is the one I was best known as during cons of the 90s winning costume contests, performing in videos, and the star of an 'infamous' act in a common area of an early CF.  I could appear in him for hours and hours as I could drink, eat and use the bathroom in it.  And my first, built by a friend, my red fox which I had several outfits for, my favorite being the ninja.  He appeared at San Diego Comic Cons during the 1980s.  He appeared at CF1.

From Wolfnevets:
Aloha caught in the act.....

From Lacy:
I own others by others makers, but right now these are my personal suits made by me.

Sporty Fox:
From Finnish Fox:
I will be retiring this suit at the end of October. it served its purpose well, but there are things that need to be fixed. the new one will begin construction on thanksgiving break

From BrownLeopard:
Lesee....*dusts off the box and digs out his pics*

Taken at MFF 2003 with Dogz.

From HockeyRaven:
Finally, I have a picture of my HockeyRaven suit! It's, I guess, what you'd call a partial. I wear my head, arm/wings, and feet with normal clothing and black gloves. Unfortunately, my tail is not visible in the picture.


From Thurber:
This is sort of a dog, I think.

Sporty Fox:
My newest fox suit that I built for this years FWA

This is actaully Wally Wolf posing in my fursuit for the pic

This pic was taken at Glen Echo Parks Family Day- the Park Service has the fursuiters come and entertain the kids for the yearly opening of thier restored carousel. This was simply the most fun I've ever had in fursuit. :) We'll be returning there on July 1st to work the crowds with our fursuits again and I can't wait.


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