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Keeping Cool In Costume


Rocket T. Coyote:
Do you have any features to your fursuit set-up to add comfort when performing? These may include, but are not limited to, fans, cold pack vests, coolant recirculation garments. Many PPE suppliers offer cooling vests, some of which require soaking before use (an example), but it's likely such evaporative cooling vests would be practical in a fursuit.

cause the rat:
I don't fursuit. I do cosplay at steampunk and sci-fi events. My workplace can also exceed 100' with high humidity. I wear under armor or the like. If I'm in full cosplay I'll wear full long sleeve under armor. I'll do the same at work. If it's going to be above 100 I'll do the full body under armor.

From what I understand if your going to invest in a cooling vest go as good as there is. Badly designed vests have been known to cause people to become sick to the point of hypothermia. Get one that is rated to stay at a single temperature. One you can customize to fit your needs. Also best to acclimate or get used to being hot first. Takes a few days. Before wearing one. This will allow your body to naturally help keep cool.

Jade Sinapu:
I use a phase change cooling vest. I have spare inserts in a cooler with ice so they are ready.  I have been known to jam the spare insets into my digilegs to cool them when at rave.
I have a fan in muzzle.
Other than that I just suffer.
I drink over a gallon of Gatorade a day if suiting.
It's brutal.
I do try to condition.  I do wear the sweat wicking garments.
After suiting everything I wear is saturated in sweat.  It's ugly.  I wring them out and hand wash and rinse while at convention hotel room.
I blow fans into fur suit at night when i sleep.


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