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Hello, ladies and gentleman. I'm new here; here's hoping the following doesn't hamper my introduction much:

My name is Alex Osaki. I'm a furry, first of all. I'm also an author, and I'm working on a book about the fandom. It's indicative of the nature of the problem that it's taken me two years and dozens of rewrites to come up with about ten pages... Anyhow, I'm lacking in primary source material, so I hit eventually upon the idea of a survey. The goal is to collect as many responses as possible, to help reduce sample bias, etcetera.

The guidelines are fairly simple; they're all contained within the introduction to the poll. I'd simply ask that you please be forthcoming (this is anonymous) and take the poll seriously--it does no good otherwise. It's fairly simple, twenty-one functional questions and a few questions of identity (required by the provider) that you can blow off with gibberish if you choose.

The survey can be found here

The URL for the record:

The survey is noncomprehensive and the answers are mostly 'multiple-choice'; I originally was going to use a more precise method but my focus group said that this was unsuitable for mass distribution. The questions range from age to interests to sex, and are intended to address demographics as well as what I see as misconceptions about the fandom.

Now, I've posted this at Alt.Fan.Furry; I'm considering posting it at Alt.Lifestyles as well. I'm getting the impression that A.F.F. at least may be less than objective; if you have any other ideas I'm open to them. Also, if you know people who might be willing to participate, you might ask them, too. I'm looking for variety, as well as numbers.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at, or my AOL screen-name 'OSDCC.' I can also, obviously, be reached here.

Thanks in advance!


Uh... well, apparently you can't click through. You may need to cut and paste. I'm working on a solution, but my HTML skills are a tad rusty. May take some time. I'm terribly sorry)

Welcome, don't forget to post in the furry greeting forum.

Also, that link wouldn't work for whatever reason. I needed to copy and paste it into a new window.

A couple questions were a bit tricky, but I answered all of them as truthfully as possible. Good luck with the book, and make sure you let us know when you get around to finishing it.

Oh, and since this is post number one for you (and I want to):

*pounces and hugs*

beyond the darkness:
Hiya Alex, you're an author? Nice one! It's a pleasure to meet you *Massive Hug* I'm new here to but don't worry, you'll fit in fine! *Waves paw*

PS Well done Sun! First this time!

Quote (beyond the darkness @ Oct. 03 2003, 7:00 am)PS Well done Sun! First this time!

*hugs beyond*

Welcome Alex!  I took the poll, and enjoyed it.  I seem to like polls in general; does this mean I'm Polish?  


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