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Patrick Rangerwolf:

I am working on a full-length furry fantasy manuscript for 9 to 14-year-old readers.  I'm looking for furs that would like to read it and give me good critiques.  In return, I will read your manuscript and critique you.

Please, though, I would prefer it not to be over PG-13.

Thanks for your help.  I look forward to some good reads.

Patrick "Son of Earth" Rangerwolf

I wouldn't mind reading it through for you.  Though, I'm not one to fininsh a book really fast, so you'd probably have to wait a while for me.  When you say your manuscript is full-length, do you mean like a proper book-length?  Well, whatever it is, I'll still read it through.  I do like some fantasy books, as you could have probably guessed, so the genre should fit well with my tastes.  I'm not a writer myself, so thanks for the offer of reading something in return, but it's not very useful to me.  If you want to email me the manuscript, please email it to: drakoniandancer(nospam)@hotmail.com .  Obviously get rid of the (nospam) when sending - that's just there to prevent spambots.  I look forward to reading your story.

I wouldn't mind reading it either but I don't even have time to write my own story!    I have it started but that is about it.

Bear Paw:
Always in need of a good read
Send one my way please.

Patrick Rangerwolf:

Thanks everyone.  I can send it to you a chapter at a time.  That takes up less bandwidth.  The whole book is up to 151 pages at this time.  That will change up or down as I edit it.  I will have ch. 1 done by Monday, if that's cool.  Let me know what you think, for real, and remember, it's written for 9-14-year-old kids, the Harry Potter age group.



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