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Painting with the gods.

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This morning was so nice.  Took Crystal ( www.whiteshepherd.net ) my dog out side for a walk.  It's amazing how awesome the sky scape and nature can be.  I felt as I walked down the stone gravel road grass blowing to either side of us like  I was in a giant canvas painting surrounded by the richest colors found in a pallet of the gods.

It's at times like this that fill my soul with real life , real fire, a peace who reminds me of what I am.  It's something not there when I'm inside.  But I take some of it with me, internalize it as a part of me, until I can go walking and paint with the gods again.

This is my latest addition to my new Live Journal.  http://www.livejournal.com/users/whiteshepherd  I'm new to this but it's nice to have a place to express things. Who else here has LJs?

I did use the main page of my site as a sort of journal of my thoughts and feelings.  Unfortunatly, I've not been able to add anything new to it for a while, due to FrontPage messing up whenever I try anything (I can't do HTML by myself).

Here is something very simple for you DrakonianDanceR and others that don't know HTML. It is the beginning of ANY html page.

<TITLE>This is your title of your page that appears above the webbrowser screen in blue.</TITLE>
<BODY>WITHIN this bracket is where you would put your:

background image/color *bgcolor="#the corresponding color number/letters goes here"* i.e.: bgcolor="#000000" (This is black always 6 digits)

your text color (for the whole page) *text color="#ffffff"* (this is white)

link (the color you want your link to have), alink (this is your active link), vlink (is your visited link).

Now, once you have the basic background and other pertinent information then between the <body></body> you put all your other info you want to show up on the page. Your text, graphics etc.

</BODY>These are the 'closing' of the page.

One of the ways I started learning how to do html, other than what my roomy showed me in the beginning, was to right click on a webpage and look at the html. For me, Viewing the source helped quite a bit.

There are others here at Furtopia that can also help you with webpaging help.

I hope this helps a little bit at least.

Thanks Kada.  Maybe I should have been more specific in my previous post.  I do know a little HTML (from looking at source code of sites, and of my own).  I didn't have any problem with the formatting, or anything like that - but I appreciate your help very much.  What's gone wrong with my site is that I was using tables - something I don't really know how to do in HTML, so I had to rely on FrontPage to do it for me.  That's where the problem was.  Anyway, it's given me the chance to design a new site now, free of tables.  Trouble is, I tried working with frames instead.  What a mistake that was.  I'm just going to have to keep trying with it until I get something (however basic) that will allow itself to be easily and regularaly updated.

I love tables!!!

Here is a very basic one and you can improve from there:

1. <table cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=1>
2. <tr vAlign=top><td align=middle width="10%">This is where your text/jpg would be.</td>
3. <td width="90%">Description for said pic.</td></tr></tabel>

Ok, you will need the first line for any table. This sets the boundaries. Cellpadding is the thickness of the table border. You can change the table border to zero if you don't want to see any borders. Or 1 to see it or more to have it thicker. Just play around with the numbers. width="100%" can be changed to what ever width you wish your table to appear on your webpage.

<tr> This is the beginning of your first row and is always closed at the end of the row(s) with </tr>. (You don't close the row till you have all the rows you want in that particular table.) In between the tr's is your <td>. Which is your cell within your table and where your info goes and creates your columns. <td>whatever</td>

I used valign in my text parts of my tables to keep the vertical alignment at the top. You can play around with this as well. The default is always centered and left.

Basically ALL my webpages have tables. I love using tables.

Here is a basic table for 3 columns and 3 rows. You can add or subtract the <td></td> as you please:

<table cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=1>
<tr>row 1<td>column 1</td>
<td>column 2</td>
<td>column 3</td></tr>

<tr>row 2<td></td>

<tr>row 3<td></td>

Oh, before I forget, the table goes between these <body></body>

I have learned to manipulate tables however I want them to appear even different ones on the same page. I did this a lot with some webpages I created of photos of clouds we had taken since last August.

I hope this helps with the basic table. This is the one I ALWAYS use. I like these MUCH better than frames.


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