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River Moons Flight


Here is the URL to the story

What I need is some ideas of where to go next.. also any comments would be great.

I did have another 3 chapters written but do to an incedent during my move they got erased and now I am not shore where to go..

Any help would be great


*Sighs* Isnt being an artist funny like that? What I mean is, I could probably help you with technique and giving you basic ideas or sketches with illustrations. However, writing is very rarel ylike this since it has the form or its creators mind and not the shape of something physical.

Even small ideas turn into huge plots...and to have some one even help with a single idea ruins the purity of what your book is. A shadow writer, however, does go through AFTER the book is writen and add ideas based on the whole of the novel and not singularly pushing the writer him/merself through the next eddition.

I do hope that your tale continues...at least let the like of a lone Dragon, inspire you as a fan thus far.


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