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A story perhaps...

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Oh, delete this please. Blah

Bear Paw:
you had an idea perhaps or just an over active mouse finger ( the cause of most of my false postings) either way im still intregued by this post heheh ( guess i am that board)

Well, I was saying something about writing a story, but I lost all ambition to do it. So I'm not going to bother and deleted what I had said.

Hmm.. now where did I but that ambition ray gun?  Hope you are feeling better soon Jadnar. *hugs*

Well, My problum is I start a story, a get in a few pages, and I never ever continue it. It is left there to sit and collect dust. I have never finished a story.

As a result I have absolutly no ambition to start another, as I know it'll meet the same fate, and what is the use of starting something you'll never finish, something you KNOW you will never finish.

I really ought to write, but I can't finish things. Thats why I like RPG's specially the Freeform type. They are like stories, except other people work off the idea, and continue it. They are the only sort of stories that ever continue beyond the planning stages.


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