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Iara Warriorfeather:

--- Quote from: FarFar on December 24, 2018, 08:04:48 am ---Bravo! *claps paws together in applause*

Wonderful story! Went over some of your other ones. Equally good! Keep up the great work!  :)

How about "Contrast"? I thought about "coffee" as it is one of my favorite things *sips his third cup of the morning*, but I see you used it in your last story.

Again, great stuff!


I took the red pill....

--- End quote ---

Thank you, FarFar!  :) I will add Contrast to the list!

Feliz Navidad!

Iara Warriorfeather:
It's been a while, Furtopia! Have another story-based on the phrase from Jade! Enjoy!

The lion lay in the dirt, his beautiful blonde mane pressed into the earth, his sweat soaking through his khaki shirt and shorts. He knew losing so much water would be a sign of severe dehydration—the camp’s water was already running low, and he knew he had to replenish the water he was losing. But he was in excruciating pain—his femur had been shattered on falling from a cliff during part of the excavation.

His team had trundled off to the next town, to get help and supplies, probably to get an ambulance.

Moongaze wandered over to him, unscrewed his canteen and shoved it under his nose.

“Drink,” she hissed softly, and encouraged him to sit up slightly as he did so.

“You—you--!” he grunted, the shock from pain dulling his senses but his reaction to her made her smile.

“I am here, despite their want to be rid of me,” she made sure he drank smoothly. He coughed some water up, turned his head and spat. He lay back on the dirt, shaking from the pain. “You wanted me to stay, remember?”

She recalled his plea to her, to reconsider joining the expedition. She did so the following summer, and now she was returning the favor in spades.

“I did,” he grunted, weak and tired. “I am so glad I did.” He reached over, and squeezed her paw. Then, “Moongaze?”


“I’m sorry for making fun of you,” he warbled, the tears starting, “when you attended the conference in your fursuit.”

The two felines were silent for a while, a random insect buzzing in the heat of midday the only break in the silence. Moongaze dabbed his brow with her handkerchief, which was covered in illustrations of ancient beasts.

“What is past is past,” Moongaze sighed, adjusting her hat as she looked for the vehicle, hoping it would return before the lion would black out. Her long brown mane was tied into a ponytail, her khaki shorts loose on her wide hips. Her button down overshirt hid her curves well, and her undershirt had the Jurassic Park logo on it.

“I have missed you,” he went on, feeling delirious in the heat and from the pain. “It’s too bad we never made it to the Gobi, huh?”

“Well, I can’t drive, for one thing,” she sighed. The lion grinned, his lips quivering with the effort.

“Ptah,” he blew it off. “You are helpful in other ways, and you are helping me now. I lead this team, you know. And I want you to be here. With me.”

Moongaze cleaned his lenses, set them back on his face. His mane had lengthened since she met him many months before, and his stare was much kinder.

“You want me to go with you?” she asked, her voice far away, in some kind of dreamland, as usual. “To the hospital?”

“They’re probably gonna have to airlift me out of here,” the lion argued. Moongaze gave him more water. “Besides, you have a mate to tend to…”

“My mate has given me his blessing to be here,” Moongaze countered. “And you are in need of my help. You are my friend. I will not leave you to some hospital in the middle of nowhere.”

The lion managed a snarky laugh. “He trusts me? We were more than friends, once.”

“That may be true, but I still want to help you—” Moongaze was cut off by the approaching vehicle, and the rest of the team carried a stretcher from the back of the van.
“We’re gonna drive you back to town, okay?” the hyena panted, and the raven hoisted the lion onto the stretcher while two other furs held it steady.

“Moongaze!” the lion cried out, panicked.

Moongaze watched him get packed into the back of the van. She jumped in, careful to do so slowly lest she twist an ankle. She stood by him as the van lurched forward, and sped off toward town.

Jade Sinapu:
Very nice Iara!

Spoiler: show
I thought the lion was going to die. although I am not sure he didn't later.  But I assume Moongaze kept him going.  ;)

  Kept me in suspense.  Touching as well.  Thanks for using my phrase.

Iara Warriorfeather:
You're welcome, Jade--glad you liked the story! More are to come--I have one phrase left before I have another clean slate!  :)

Very nice, Iara!
Good story. As Jade said, touching. I like that in the context that you wrote. Also, good use of the word choice.


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