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I feel like I'm not acticve enough in the fandom.

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Hans the husky:
Thank you for the advice. I would love to attend a con or a meetup but as I mentioned, the furry community in my area is pretty much non existent and traveling isn't really an option now. So far I have enjoyed the community and I do hope to be able to be more involved in the future.

Varg the wanderer:

--- Quote from: Hans the husky on September 20, 2020, 07:08:54 pm ---So I have known about the fandom for a while now but only joined recently and I just feel like I'm not involved enough. I don't have a suit, I'm not really into furry art, I can't go to any convention in the foreseeable future, and there isn't really a community in my area. The only real furry stuff I do is in this forum, but the sub I'm most active in is the non furry forum. I guess it's my fault that I want to be more involved but I'm not really interested in what the fandom has to offer. I dunno. I just am interested in what you guys think.

--- End quote ---

I've been a member here since I discovered the fandom in 2003, and I still don't have a suit. I didn't go to my first convention until 2015. The Alaska furry group was the first real furry community I was active in, and that wasn't until last summer. I'm still not very active with them (though I live in a town of about 900 and well over an hour from the nearest "city"), but do meet to do things every now and then. Most of my recent (past 5 years) activity is in the non-furry forum as well, though that's varied a lot. I've noticed that the "hot" areas tend to migrate around the forums as users come and go.

For the vast majority of my time in the community, the only furry things I did were enjoy furry art, reading furry stories (there used to be some awesome repositories, most of which are gone now, sadly), cruise these forums, and write a little myself. That's still 95% of the "furry" things that I do.

Cause, Jade, and Kobuk have all made good points. Like Cause said: You're a furry because you say you're one.

Fur since 07 here. No suit. Only a few pieces of artwork. Only did a couple of cons in 2019 and no other time.

One of the great things about the fandom is that you can do it exclusively online--and that's fine.

Mister Initial Man:
About where are you, Hans?

I want to be more active in the fandom, I mostly just go to cons but there is/was a group where I live and joined for one meet but then stopped. Maybe when I get my fursuit and the Government actually allows us to have fur meets again I might try more meets.


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