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Okay, I've noticeed many people talk about the Fandom, but I have absolutely no clue what that means.

I'm sorry if this question has been asked like tons of times before, but I owuld really like to know

so what it is it huh?

The furry fandom. All that is furry-related. That really says it all to me...but then what do I know

(edited, cause I'm hopeless at explaining

The furry fandom is basically concocted of all those folks who express an interest in furry creations and come together to share and express that interest with fellow fans. It's like... a society of furry fanatics.

The Word Fandom. It is alot like the word Kingdom. Take off King, and slap on Fan. Instead of revolving around a King, it revolves around the Fans. In this case, Furs. ^_^

A fandom is basically just a bunch of people from all walks of life who are fans of a particular deity, ideology or belief.

In this case, we have furries or anthropomorphics, which means that we like furry or anthropomorphic creatures, and we usu. devote a great deal of our talents (and sometimes, our lives) to observing and surveying this concept, lifestyle or group.

We profess our love by sharing our talents with others by building websites, showing great deals of affection towards characters who inspire that love or just simply because we enjoy doing what we do.

It's in this fandom that we find things like fursuiters, artists, writers or such coming together under some form of umbrella society that shares and proliferates with the cream of the crop and the intermediates alike.

I know that i might not be hitting the ball exactly with my assessment, but that's what i think a fandom is. If i'm wrong, don't hesitate to let me know...  


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