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Title: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Peaches on January 10, 2006, 12:37:02 pm
<font color='#EEEEEE'>I've been a mod since last May. I've been a member here at Furtopia for over a year. As a mod, AND a member, there are some things I would like to address.

First, I'll tell you what it's like to mod. 1) We don't get paid for this, and we don't get benefits. So if you think that we do this as a service to our friends here to protect our forum, DING, you got it right. It's hard, because as well as watching the behavior of others, I have to watch my own, as I must be a role model to new members. Older members also have this role. Also, we are accountable for our own behaviors, just like you, and WS and Kada hold us at a higher standard because we are examples. I don't always feel I set the highest of examples, but I'd like to point out a few things.

If I have ever edited a post, or deleted, or moved something of yours, I sent you a PM to let you know, because I care to discuss with you the situation. I ALWAYS thank you for your cooperation. This is because I have consideration for my peers. This is MY free time, and really, I could just delete something I didn't think was appropriate. But I don't, because I respect my peers.

If I have ever warned you for doing something, again, whether it be on IRC or on the forums, I THANK YOU, because I would think that common courtesy would have you be as courteous to me, as I am to you.  I warn you ahead of time, and send you a copy of the rules page, so you know, and I know, that YOU are accountable for your further actions.

The mods here work as a team. They are MEMBERS as well. We are all human, and we don't change into like, hard ab'd (trust me on this) super furries with the intent to ban. We don't post a thread to ban. We post a thread of one's behavior. Often enough, this thread is progressive over months (depending on the member's behavior) and eventually, someone calls a vote to ban, in which all the staff makes a suggestion of yes and why, or no and why.  This is our system. No one person decides, unless someone is obviously trolling, at which time, the admins place a ban.

You can have any of those little x's under your name or a ban evaluated. Yes, if your behavior has improved, and you've made amends, those little blemishes can go away, however.....if the behavior continues, you most likely have a thread and a ban vote started.

Yes, it is hard for me to tell my friends at times, that they have done something wrong. It's rough on me, coz usually I am the one who tells them. NO they don't get benefits from being my friend. You can ask any of my close friends that.

On that note, I'll close this. This thread itself will be locked, but feel more than welcome to post your concerns, replies, and questions to me. On closing, I love this place. I have a lot of close friends here, enough to consider them my family. Would you not protect your friends?  Please consider this, instead of bringing down the moral of our group.</font>
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on January 10, 2006, 06:31:36 pm
I think that was very well put, Peaches.

I have unlocked it as you requested for responses.

Please be respectful of others as you post your responses.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: whitedingo on January 10, 2006, 06:50:27 pm
I've been a member here for quite some time now and have never had any probs with mods or other members I come here to get away from the crap in my life so why start it here.
For the few members that have probs with mods here ,thay should go to some of the forums I've been to you so boo to the mods on those forums and you get banned .
So just mellow out and have fun and be kind to your fellow furs :)
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Tabbicus on January 10, 2006, 06:51:13 pm
I have only been a member for about a week but I think this forum is very well maintained!
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Taren on January 10, 2006, 06:51:45 pm
::nods:: I think the staff is doing a great job. Furtopia is a very tight knit community, and you guys keep it that way. When someone breaks the rules and a moderator has to correct the person, some people will take offense to it, even if they are 100% wrong. You are just doing your job -- People shouldn't take things so personal.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Mazz on January 10, 2006, 06:56:37 pm
Moderating such a large forum is not easy but it's worth it. I've seen so many places go to hell because of lack of moderation. I wouldn't want to see that happen to furtopia.

We really aren't that strict, we make sure everyone fallows the rules, the majority of members don't need us to remind them of the rules but some just seem to not listen or care.

To the members:
Sorry if your upset at the mods for any reason, we work hard for you and we treat everyone the same when "working".

As I once said to a few members.
Everyone can't have everything.
If we gave every member what they wanted we'd end of up with nothing.

Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kobuk on January 10, 2006, 07:14:24 pm
Excellent post, Peaches.  :)  *gives you a hug*

*drops two cents in the jar*

All I'm going to say is this: The staff here at Furtopia is doing the best possible job they can with the resources and time that they have to them. They can do no more other than that. To ask them to do more would be to seek perfection from them and from Furtopia as a whole. In my book, nothing's perfect and nothing ever will be. The staff is not perfect and neither is Furtopia.  Perfectionism does not exist. Those who seek perfectionism are on a foolish idealistic crusade and you will never get what you seek.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Sporty Fox on January 10, 2006, 08:30:47 pm
Every Mod and Staffer here does what we do for one reason and one reason only- to bring to you the members the best forum on the internet that we possibly can. Not everyone is or will be happy with our decisions, but they are done with the good of the whole in mind and not to make any one individual (or even ourselves) happy.

Ever wonder why you don't see many posts from the mods/staff except when we PM someone or correct them on the forums?

 I, like most of the mods/staff, spend at least 3 hours or more everyday on Furtopia, yet many days I never get to make a single post. Why? I and the others are spending our time reviewing threads, following up on any reported problems, and reporting anything we see or do so that the rest of the mods/staff can review them. Add to that checking on problems members are having with services and that doesn't leave much time for participation. It's not that we don't want to be more active, it's that we have so much that we are doing behind the scenes that it doesn't leave much time.

We really do log and review each and every incident on the forums, no matter how minor. Every mod/staffer gives thier opinion on the action taken (if any) and how the mod/staffer involved conducted themselves. If we feel that something was done that shouldn't, or that a member was chastised wrongly an apology is sent and the action noted. This serves two purposes- it provides a peer review and it prevents any one mod/staffer from picking on somefur unjustly.

Many times when something goes on like what has transpired in the last few days rumors go around blaming things on this mod or that staffer, and the rumors are wrong in most cases. You the members never know this, as we go back to doing our duties and ignore what is being said and posted about us. It's our jobs, we volunteer to do this and it takes a thick hide to continue on when you're accused of something you can't defend yourself on.

We hear the rumors- sometimes they are sent by a concerned fur, other times when someone wants you to see what they wrote. Right now there are rumors going around here and elsewhere blaming two of our mods/staff for recent events, and as with most rumors they are false. You've yet to hear those being accused to deny them, and you probably won't, but they are still false non the less.

Why? Because the actions they are being blamed for were done by me. When more than one mod/staff is on the forums what sometimes happens is that both will take action over the issue without knowing the other has done so.

In one recent case the mod in question contacted the member so they could correct the problem before one of us that can change it found out. Now, thier name is being smeared for trying to help a fur stay out of trouble. What a way to say thanks...

When somefur is promoted to mod/staff and quits chatting with you or answering your threads as often as they used to it doesn't mean that the furson has changed or become powerhungery. It mearly means that they are overwhelmed with thier new responsibilties and are much busier than you would believe.

When they have to do thier job and correct you, it doesn't mean they no longer like you. In most cases it means just the opposite, as we are often harder on our furiends than we are on others. Becoming a mod/staffer doesn't make you any different than you were before except that you now have a resposibility to the others for your actions.

I truely mean it when I say that no other forum I've been on is as well behaved as this one- and that's because of you the members, not us the mods/staff. I'm proud to be a staffer here and I'm proud to serve with each and every one of the other mods and staffers who share the job of keeping this place safe.

If I have ever had to send you a PM for something, or if I ever have to in the future, that doesn't change how I feel about you. This is my job, but you, each one of you, are my furiends and the reason why we do what we do  :)
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Far_Raptor on January 10, 2006, 09:45:49 pm
I've only been here for a little under a year.  In that time, I've found Furtopia to be a fantastic forum.  I've experienced very little of the immature stupidity that I disliked in all of the other places I have frequented on the net; honestly, what more could one ask for on a internet forum?

Most of all, I see furtopia as something *more* than a simple internet forum.  That is, a community of people whom I respect...some of whom I've met and interacted with face to face and can most definately call 'friends'.  I think this is alone stands as a testament to the fantastic job the mods are doing, and that is really what furry is all about.

So far, I've seen no one banned that I didn't expect to *be* banned for some reason or another.  For those who aren't obvious trolls (naming no one in particular), you can tell in the way they post, the hostility or sarcasm in the way they joke and how they react with their peers.

To such anti-authoritarians, I say simply: pick your fights.  As with anything in life, you have to pick the appropriate time and manner with which to disagree with the management.  The furtopia mods have only your best interest at heart.  Being a rebel (who obeys no-one) just to *be* a rebel will only annoy others and will eventually get you fired.

Anywho, I appreciate what you fellas are doing.  Keep up the excellent work.  


Title: Furtopians
Post by: Taren on January 10, 2006, 10:05:16 pm
Quote (Far_Raptor @ Jan. 10 2006, 9:45 pm)
Being a rebel (who obeys no-one) just to *be* a rebel will only annoy others and will eventually get you fired.

Very well said, Far. (:
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Peaches on January 10, 2006, 11:54:37 pm
Thank you Kada.

I also wanted to add here.


Free hosting, free forums, free chat, free all kindsa other stuff.

It is run on a PRIVATE SERVER. That means the OWNERS of the SERVER say what goes on here. We play by THOSE RULES.

If you don't like the rules, move on and try and find another site that offers as much, and is as well protected.

Everything we do here is progressive. We are constantly moving to bigger better things, always updating, always looking for a way to make our community better. Why? Because we care. Because we love the fandom, and we aren't elitists to say who does or doesn't belong. We don't charge for services, and each new member is greeted with a pounce helmet, and a flak jacket.

Furtopia has been here since, what? 2002? Yeah, and it's THRIVING.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Azura_gerbil on January 11, 2006, 12:52:30 pm
I've been on here for about two years. I think all the mods/staff do a wonderful job. People who blame the saff when they get caught are everywhere they're just mad becuase they got caught.  If ya'll ever need to correct me I'll still love ya and furtopia.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Savaaha on January 11, 2006, 01:31:22 pm
As the others said its not an easy job, many of us are up late taking care of alot of things. And if we do our job right youll never know a troll hit at 3 am or that the forums went down to a mail spammer even for a few mins.
   Its our job to make sure all is well  on the frontlines and in the back ground.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: A416 on January 11, 2006, 06:34:00 pm
Lots of <3 for Furtopia!

This is, honestly, one of the most mature forums I've ever been on. Everyone here are basically friends XD

And Peaches is right. To those who complain: This all is FREE. You don't have to pay a single cent, so if you don't like it, simply go somewhere else and stop complaining.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Streak on January 11, 2006, 10:22:14 pm
I've been here since....huh....a while back, and I don't think i've found a friendlier forum. You are all so accepting and nice! (with a few execptions^^)  
You mods are doing a super job, heh, without you, Furtopia wouldn't exist.
Love you all!
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on January 13, 2006, 04:44:35 pm
I'm going to say something here that is a little different than most.

WS and I created Furtopia. WE pay all the bills for it so this IS considered our home.

Most of the members I have had experience with not following our rules since the beginning are under 21 and still living at home. I am quite sure they are not allowed to talk or act the way they did here because it was against their PARENTS rules. When someone goes to a friends house they have to follow the rules of THAT house.

Well, I am a mom and grandmother. And that is the way I run it. I expect everyone that comes to OUR home, to respect us and our rules, which 99% of the members do.

And what happens when a guest doesn't follow the rules of the house? They are asked to leave. Now we don't ask members who are acting up to leave immediately. We believe in giving them a chance to change and respect us and our rules. If they can't, then yes, they are asked to leave and if they continue their disregard for OUR home, then they are banned from ever coming back.

I'm sure that is the same in many homes in RL. I know they were in mine when my son was growing up and had friends over.

So, if members want to think about what they are doing, realize, this is OUR (members included) home and our rules MUST be respected and followed, whether they agree with them or not.

Now, for the mods and staff, this home has grown very large in the past 3, going on 4 years, now and we have many 'guests' so to speak and as I stated earlier, 99% of them follow our rules without problems or question. We had to bring in 'help' to help with our ever growing home duties because we can't do everything any more like when Furtopia was first started.

The ones that don't like are rules are more than welcome to leave and go elsewhere more to their liking but nothing is going to change the way WS, I, staff and mods are going to run this place. It is OURS AND the members that truly love being here.

So, throwing little fits because one doesn't like our rules, well, we HAVE the right to show them the door.

When mods/staff/us are not available we have quite a few members that keep an eye on the place for us. Even though they don't have a title by their name, they have just as much right to correct someone when they are misbehaving and reporting to us as our mods/staff. I hear this complaint a lot. "Well so-and-so isn't a mod/op so they have no business saying anything to me about the rules." Excuse me? I have had babysitting jobs where kids feel that their babysitters have no rights to reprimand them when they act up. Only their parents can. What do I do? I tell them that their 'parents' aren't here right now and I am. So, they WILL do as they are told. Normally, that is all it takes.

Besides, if the member isn't disregarding our rules, they wouldn't have to be warned by anyone ANYWAY. So, please remember WHO's home this is. IT isn't your own home. So, respect our home, our members and our rules and you will do just fine here.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Om on January 31, 2006, 01:24:37 pm
Much of what I have to say would just be repeating what my fellow staffers have said above. Instead, I'll go a different route...

If you're someone who enjoys Furtopia, continues to come here, and helps keep this place positive, I want to thank you.
If you're someone I've talked to in the line of my mod position and have understood where I was coming from, Thank you.

In my time here, I've only had direct contact with one person who was obscenely rude when I requested that they follow our rules. To everyone else - THANK YOU!

I myself run a very busy life - full time graduate student with research, teaching and my own learning obligations, as well as the running and maintenance of our household. I take time from all that to volunteer some of my time here because I believe this place is a good place. As the others have said, this is home.

Love and luck to you all,

Edit: Don't mind me... I'm such a late comer.

Title: Furtopians
Post by: Roarey Raccoon on February 01, 2006, 07:11:05 am
I think that it doesn't matter how reasonable you are, you'll still get hostility from time to time; it's part and parcel of being an authority figure :F. I administrate a board with over 3000 members on it and deary me have I gotten some stick sometimes XD. Once, this group of members made a big topic about the staff, editing pictures of wartime Nazi dictators with pictures of the staff. They even wrote a massive rap about us; it was absolutely fantastic XD.

Anyway, for as long as I've been around here (which isn't very long at all, really) I haven't seen any nastyness. This is the nicest, most friendly forum I've ever witnessed and I think the staff here do a commendable job. I think having so many adults here makes it easier, whereas the place I'm at has tons of teenagers, just aching to show their dominance XD. So we get the odd fight now and again.

So, I've had quite a bit of experience as an administrator and, as a result, I respect good admins and mods when I see them. Thank you for doing what you do :3.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Serra Belvoule on February 13, 2006, 02:48:11 pm
In just a couple of months I've been here I've found that not only do the mods do a great job, but also they are the most capable reliable people I've seen in a long time. I just wanted to sincerely congratulate them and thank them too for their great effort.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Mister Initial Man on March 16, 2006, 04:08:17 pm
*Tosses two cents into the jar as well*

The basement is often the least admired room of a house, but boy, do you see the results when it collapses.

Kada-Ru left something out when she said it was a free server.  That something is "it is a free server that gives you a lot that most others don't."

Okay, let me see what we get:

-  Decent amount of space (some give you that, some give you next to squat)

-  Lots of flexibility when it comes to website rating (a lot of free servers have limit on rating, PG-only, usually.)

-  No limit as to file type (Many disallow certain types of files, I ran into one that disallowed CSS files! ) *

-  No banner ads.  (RARE amongst free servers, Furnation's the only other one I've used that allows that)

- Server-side support, including server side includes and PHP.  (Many webdevelopers I know were amazed Furtopians got this.)

- Decent tech support.  Is it any wonder that the mods here are so busy?

Considering how much we get by being furtopians, it's only natural that they ask we follow some rules.  On that note *Hugs all mods and staff, and double hugs for Kada-Ru and Whiteshepherd*  You all rock!  :)

*CSS files are a style sheet, used for website presentation.  They're very much a part of website coding.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on March 17, 2006, 12:39:46 pm
A lot of members find Furtopia either by looking for hosting/forums/IRC chat, but the funny thing is, they don't know about all three! :) I'm surprised at how many in the IRC don't know that Furtopia is mainly a website hosting service, now with over 1500 hosted sites through Furtopia, Artists World, and Creative Paws - G rated site only. We also have Every 1 Host, which isn't widely advertised and is a pay site, mainly for businesses.

And of course, most that are hosted through us don't seem to realize there are the forums and the open IRC chat.

We, mods/staff, do try and get all three to see each other as often as we an.

So, Furtopia isn't just the forums and IRC.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Tseng Fox on May 08, 2006, 10:50:32 am
I've been here not as long as many other furs, so I guess that my oppions are not as valued as many others but I'm gonna write this just the same :)

I believe that this website itself is the light in a tunnel of Eternal Darkness, the Oasis of many a lost fur.  A VERY unusual place, devoid of major spamming or flamming when compaired to most other mainstream forums  When a massive forum can find the ability to have reletively high trust, friendliness and equal understanding can a forum be described as a host to a utopia of tranquility, peace and we, ourseleves.

I also believe that we furs are a peacefull and kind people, the sort that secrets could be trusted with.  I value the thoughts, oppions and views of any furs here than 79% of the people who I engage in conversation with in real life.  I still cannot define what makes a Fur, but I must support it as I feel the growl from within, the primal instincts in conflict with human intellegence and Gothic culture, but enough of me.

I never had much conversation with any of the mods here as I am new of the bat to this forum, I joined in August, I think.  But I stand as a silent witness to how everyfur here can be everything they wish to be an more as long as they treat they fellow fur right.  I cannot stress this enough.

As the old quote goes:

"Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated" - Jesus

All right, it may not be 100% correct, but I can barely remember it as I am not religous, But I canguess that you catch my drift

I believe that through co-operation and trust can we Furtopians keep this website free of all sort of Degenerated Behaviour.

But even saying that, a Degenerate person, is still a person after all.  We MUST bear no grudges to anyfur.  Behaviour can be forgiven through apologies.  I can say that the mods here are far better at that than any other forum's mods.

That.  I can assure you.

I welcome anyfur that disagrees with me or my views, so long as you do so in a pleasent and good-mannered way.

 Slap me on one cheek, verbal or phsyical, and I'll turn the other.

(P.S this is a brainstorm of ideas and I did not spend the whole day typing this up  :D  :D
if anyone wishes to discuss this further feel free to PM me, I might not be on but I will get back to you as quick as I can.)

Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kobuk on May 08, 2006, 02:58:08 pm
Tseng, you write a very nice post. But there's one thing wrong with the following: V

so I guess that my oppions are not as valued as many others

You're wrong on that part. EVERYONE'S opinions are valued here. Don't sell yourself short. ;)  *hugs*
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Tseng Fox on May 08, 2006, 03:05:16 pm
Thanks, I guess that my happiness at visiting here, just swelled up until it busrts - creating my very detailed post.  I guess I forgot to think higher of myself. ^_^
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on May 09, 2006, 07:32:24 pm
Kobuk is quite right, Tseng Fox! :)
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Tseng Fox on May 10, 2006, 09:49:05 am
Thanks ^_^
Title: Furtopians
Post by: on August 14, 2006, 12:10:57 pm
Meh, I know better furry hosts.  (:
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on October 09, 2006, 05:10:59 pm
What are you doing here then? Nice of you to spare some of your time to drop by and say hello, Brushwell.
Title: Furtopians
Post by: SerFox on December 30, 2006, 11:47:55 pm
But to the Mods, Webs, Watchers and Admins and all that, you're doing a great job as it is. I've said my two pence.

Carry on.

Title: Furtopians
Post by: zachhart12 on January 13, 2007, 10:36:30 pm
very well put
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Heaven Implode on April 21, 2007, 06:08:57 pm
I've been a member of a very popular forum for over a year, and been a moderator for a few months - I know exactly where you're coming from.
It's annoying when random members think you're someone special, when you're the same as everyone else, but with a few extra buttons.  You get a lot of stick for really trivial things, and you have to watch everything you do, and act as a role model for the other members.  There's a lot of pressure on you to perform.  Especially when you moderate on a forum with over 15000 members, when half of them are spammers, flamers or complete idiots.

At the same time, it's not so bad being perceived as a "cut above the rest" even if it's not true in the slightest. :D

Title: Furtopians
Post by: Kigurou Sonkei on May 05, 2007, 10:03:52 am
Though I have only been on these forums for not even a week now, in the past, I have grown to respect everyone, and be non-judgemental towards everyone until I get to know them. This topic has just made this point much clearer to everyone else, I would presume. Thank you. :)
Title: Furtopians
Post by: Shadow-Da-Wolf on May 05, 2007, 10:27:09 am
I too have been a member for about a year/ year and a half. I admire some the work you guys do here! I try my best to uphold my behavior here as well. But an issue that keeping comming up to me from a few unnamed furs... they keep looking up to me as if I could do something but since I'm not a mod I can only suggest ideas of taking action for them to solve problems. I know that I don't have to or need to do this for others but it is in my nature to help friends in anyway possible.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Kivva on March 15, 2008, 11:18:53 pm
*plinks in my two cents*

Well, all I have to say is that the Mods have always been very kind and courteous to me, even when I've made a misstep. I make an effort to apologise and be careful in the future.

I've made a lot of very valuable friends here, many of which I love like family. *Snugs*

So my deepest thanks to all the mods, especially since the big attacks. =3

*hugs hugs hugs*
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Black Foot on March 16, 2008, 12:09:25 am
I also would like to thank all the Mods the Amid(s) and to everyone who made this a good place to be so we could call this home *hugs everyone who made this place were we can be free from our human lives*
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: onai on May 21, 2008, 12:03:29 am
I will say that i have got a GREAT deal of respect for the mods and admins here on furtopia. this is the only fur forum that i go to on a regular basis, and that i am PROUD to be an active contributer to such a great site =) Thanks EVERYONE for giving me my second home, friends, and my life back. Furtopia really saved my life. because without furtopia, i would have NEVER met rather_dashing1121, i'd have NO friends, and well..yeah ^_^ keep up the GREAT work everyone =)
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Itico on June 03, 2008, 10:49:47 pm
Boy, I guess I really missed out on who or whatever stepped on Peaches' tail back when the original was posted.

However, I would like my one-and-a-half cents in though.

Some people seem to forget that we are all living in one world.  We have to work together.  Getting mad and beating the drums of discord never helped anyone.

There are a lot of people I would love to smack up along side the head and tell them to turn on their brain, but I can't.  People need to come to their own conclusions, their own reasons and make their own decisions.  We can only guide.

You can lead a person to the truth, but you can't make them see it.

So, people-and yes you're still people even if you're furry-chill out.  Some of us are only here to help.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Icefox on August 06, 2008, 07:05:37 pm
I'd like to say that the original poster pretty much hit the pain that is moderating on the head. I've moderated one large-ish forum before, and adminned another. It is NOT a forgiving job: you have to deal with a lot of complaints and issues on your own free time, not to mention (and I apologize for sounding cynical, but this is the truth as I've experienced it) some individuals who are more interested in you because of the power you wield than your qualities as a person. Also, let's be sure to include the sorts of things Peaches mentioned in the first place - you MUST treat everyone fairly, including friends, and fairness includes enforcing rules equally - no special treatment. The requirement to be on even better behavior than normal is another thing - you have to keep your guard up a bit at all times and THINK about what you post before you post it a heck of a lot more. There are a few things I've already said on the IRC or on these forums that, while not against the rules, I would not say if I was functioning as a mod. You just have to be careful that you put the right public image forth - when you're staff for any site, you are a representative of that site, so your behavior must be held at a high standard. All of this isn't even going over everything..

The hard work it takes to mod or admin is no excuse for an abuse of power, and yet there are a lot of instances where moderators and admins take flak for things that are blatantly NOT abusive of power - usually just aspects of doing their job. One thing I used to see so much when I used to mod, and I am aware happens in every community, is people getting upset about a rule that "should" or "should not" be in place. The thing is, moderators don't really have much of a say in that in most communities, and sometimes even some admins do not. Part of the job is to enforce the rules, whether or not you agree with every single one - and in a community with very many rules at all, anyone is bound to disagree with a few. :)

So be civil and polite to your mods and admins - they work hard in what can be a rather thankless job. Now I can already hear the objections from some - "Well, in ANY community sometimes staff can get out of control." I agree. But being polite and nice is still the best way to do things, and more importantly, it is the right thing to do. If folks do think a staffer is somehow out of line, it is good to think about it twice. Then think about it three times. Then think about it yet again. If at that point you're still sure you feel that way, then whatever you do, DO NOT post about it publically. Take it to PM, and if you're given flak, go up the chain of command if you have to in order to explain your grievances. Just don't make a recommendation as to what punishment may be in order - staffers rarely like that. At all times, remember that taking major complaints public normally results in a complete fiasco, which serves no purpose other than to inspire chaos and frustration, whether this is the intended purpose or not.

*Cough* All that wordiness through with, be nice, be polite, be happy.. and be thankful for the folks that give their time to do this stuff for us. The vast majority of staff in a good community (having lurked for awhile unregistered, and yet still being around, I'd have to say this is a good community) just want to do their best to help, and it is out of a sense of debt to the community that has treated them well and/or a simple desire to help.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Kobuk on August 06, 2008, 08:03:56 pm
Just adding a little to what Icefox said. ;) It's not an easy job us staff have, folks. There are lots of duties to perform and many decisions that we have to make. We do the best that we can to provide the members here with a fun, caring, and decent website/forums/community. :)
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Serathano on August 06, 2008, 09:52:35 pm
wow...the beginning of this thread is OLD and was jsut sort of...suddenly revived. btu yeah, mods and admins have a tough job keeping out the idiots that want to ruin it for other people. not everyone is an idiot, but sometimes we DO make mistakes and need to be corrected for them. even if I do something wrong, as long as the punishments are not too extreme, then i see that it is fit that i get waht i deserve for them. as everyone should. but i enjoy our mods, even when teh attentions are to me.....>.>
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Icefox on August 06, 2008, 10:22:16 pm
wow...the beginning of this thread is OLD and was jsut sort of...suddenly revived.
Yeah, it was revived a few times this year, plus it is stickied, so I didn't feel bad about resurrecting it. Well, I was a bit hesitant, still. ;p I typically try to avoid thread resurrection like the plague. :) *Goes quiet again to leave the poor thread in peace*
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Kobuk on August 06, 2008, 10:46:20 pm
Compliments are always welcome here. :) Hugs too!
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Kada-Ru on August 11, 2008, 08:25:04 am
This may help some concerning bringing old topics back to life as stated in the forum rules:
15. Gravedigging Old Topics: When posting to a topic, please be sure to check the date of the topic's creation, as well as the date of the very last post in that thread, as many topics have been dead for months and/or years.
If it has been 6 months or longer since the last post was written in a thread, then please start a new thread on the subject you wish to discuss and then also contact the Mods/Staff by PM so we can close the older outdated topic. Older topics (Depending on date & subject) should probably not be posted in for the following example reasons:
1. Original poster (or other members from that thread) may be gone and not active on forums anymore to read their own thread/posts and offer advice, or they have already gotten all the info. and advice they were asking for.
2. Information/advice may be outdated, links broken, pics are gone, etc.

Some exceptions to this rule may be, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Various pinned Important Topics in forums that members may still post to.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: VT-Pilot on October 05, 2008, 04:54:01 am
Well I'm new here... but the mods seem to do an excellent job of keeping this site running.  And the responses to this seem to be positive.  So I'd say give the mods a raise!  If they got paid for this XD  Considering the fact they do this out of time, I think they are deserving of the highest praise we can bestow upon them.
*Gives them the sharpest salute I can.*
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Draconium on October 16, 2008, 07:58:41 pm
I've been on many forums and this is BY FAR one of the best. Slick controls and staff of the highest caliber. Even more dazzling is how much they dedicate to this.

I have served as moderator for RMT (ratemyteachers.com) since 2006 and as a senior moderator since 2007. Even though it is not a forum, I still deal with spam, trolls and acid comments (one even carried over into my life!). I truly respect the duties that it takes to operate a forum.

Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Kay Alett on October 16, 2008, 08:12:14 pm
Kit Kats for all staff! (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d50/chewitboy/kit-kat.jpg) Thanks for your great work! :D
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Rick Woods on October 16, 2008, 09:52:44 pm
Can't remember if I've said my thanks already, but here they are just in case:

Thanks.  :-D  The staff here really does a wonderful job.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Vincent Rose on December 08, 2008, 07:55:50 pm
I'd just like to say that when I was looking for a furry forum to get involved in, I looked at quite a few forums. One of them caught my eye. I wrote a nervous first post after reading a bunch of topics. And I was really relieved at the warm welcome and the respect that even new members get here. I love the mods, and I wish I knew them better! I love the Irc channel too!

So, basically, Thank you mods! I love you all, and I have the utmost respect for you all :D
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Adamina on December 22, 2008, 07:25:11 pm
Of course I've been absent a long while, but I still had to say:

You guys have always done a really nice job here at Furtopia; I've never been disappointed in the way any situation has been handled. I feel safe here, and I'm sure others would stand with me on that one. What a wonderful community :)

And that's the truth!
(haha that was a Care Bears reference, to the phrase used by Lotsa-Heart Elephant, if anyone caught it!)
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Wolf Axle on April 20, 2009, 10:54:06 pm
... I Lurv us FURRIES we are pwn-ar-if-ic YEAHZ  my life is fun now yeahs  (:  :D  :goldhowl: !!!!!
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: DreamerHusky on August 09, 2009, 05:55:42 pm
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: unholy dragon on October 05, 2009, 09:48:48 pm
i been a member for ages and i only just returned here after sometime away.
Title: Re: Furtopians
Post by: Onion on October 05, 2009, 09:56:39 pm
Welcome back. and nice to meet you, Im Moon Dogy.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Kobuk on March 15, 2010, 09:21:46 pm
Pardon me for posting in a slightly old thread, but as a long time member (7 years) and also finally an Admin, I'd like to add my own thoughts to this topic. I've wanted to do so for a very long time, but I've wanted to wait until the right moment when I had enough experience under my belt so to speak. I'll try not to re-hash what everybody else has said, and I do not want to speak for the other staff and/or WS. My comments here in this post are my own thoughts and feelings. But if I do inadvertantly repeat anything that others have already said, then I apologise.  :-[

What's it like to be a Moderator and/or an Administrator? Well, let me tell you, It's not easy.  :P A lot of comments made by Peaches, Kada-Ru, Sporty Fox, Savaaha, Far Raptor, and a few others have pretty much hit the spot as for what it's like to work here. It's a tough job, folks. You might think it's easy, but it's not. Every hour of every day, week, and month, the staff are constantly checking and re-checking posts, threads, and other issues that need handling. We're also debating and discussing decisions that not only affect the members, but the entire site as a whole. It's tough trying to figure out if we should do this, or should we do that? As Peaches had said in her first post, we don't get paid for this. We're all just volunteers donating our time and whatever other resources to help Furtopia grow as a community. Why did I become staff and work here? I did it for no other reason than to simply help out. I didn't become staff to be mean. I didn't become staff to yell. And I didn't become staff to lay down rule after rule after rule. If I've ever had to be strict with someone, then I'm sorry. But as a staff person, my job has to come first and my friends second. It hurts when I have to do this, and I've watched in year's past as I've lost friends. But when I'm logged into the forums and I see my name in red Admin lettering, then I have a job to do.
If I've ever made a mistake, then I am sorry for that too. When you take away the fursonas and all the role playing that the staff do, we're all just human and we will occasionally make mistakes from time to time. The only things we can do is learn and grow from those mistakes. And at the end of the day or night when I log off and you don't see my name at the bottom, Will I still be an Admin? No. I try to leave my Admin job at Furtopia only. When I'm logged out, then all the rules and PM's, etc. are left behind. I don't want to discuss "Furtopia business" with my friends in real life. I don't want to lay down rules or anything else when I see someone face to face. The only thing I want to do is just "be friends". :) And no matter how much I may PM someone and lay down the rules, I hope that that member I am conversing with can look past the job I have to do and still want to be a friend no matter how much I may be strict or whatever else.

I consider Furtopia my furry home and I couldn't imagine of going anywhere else. It's really hard to describe what this place does to you or what it brings about or whatever. I just know that I've liked it here for a long time and I wanted to "give back" so to speak to this community my time, knowledge, experience, skills, and anything else I had to offer as a "Thanks" for WhiteSheperd allowing me to be a member here.
What makes Furtopia special? Honestly, I don't know. The reasons could be as varied as the amount of fursonas the members have here. All I can really say is that you probably won't find another furry forum quite as friendly and nice as Furtopia. We're unique, that's for sure. Why the "family friendly/PG" nature of the forums? I'd have to take a guess and say that Furtopia is open to people young and old (of any age), female and male, of any background and ethinicity, etc. that share a common interest of anthropomorphics. We don't discriminate here. There are lots of forums on the Net out there, but some may be too yiffy. Others may be too lax with language, rules, or something else. Furtopia represents IMO a safe and respectable place where people can come and discuss issues that interest them and to feel safe and secure from bullying, flaming, disrespect, etc., etc.

Why all the rules? I know not everybody likes rules. Heck, not even myself. But if we didn't have rules and laws in this world, then the world would fall into chaos and anarchy. It may seem like Furtopia has a lot of rules for various things. But if you look at them sometime, they really aren't that bad or excessive, and they do make sense. The staff will try to work with the members in allowing stuff that they may want. But if we ever have to say No that you can't do something, then our decisions must be final. There are reasons for all the rules Furtopia has. Some may be old, while others may be new. But regardless of whether those rules/reasons are old or new, they are all still valid nonetheless. If anybody ever has a question on why something is the way it is, then please PM an Admin and we'll be glad to explain things to you. :) Some members may say "Why can't I do this?" or "Why can't I do that?". I'm sorry, but respectfully, the Internet is not like the wild, wild, west. It may seem like it since there is so little or no governing rules for how the Net operates, but no matter where you go, there will always be rules and laws to follow. You can't always get what you want. Furtopia belongs to WhiteShepherd and Kada-Ru. It's THEIR website, and as such, we (Members and staff) all have to follow whatever rules they may have for their website. The main reason we have the rules that we do is because of Furtopia's "family friendly/PG" nature. We tend to have members here as young as 12. We also have parents and/or whole "families" of members here, and we have to keep things to a respectable level. 

I'm not sure what else I can say here, folks. I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this topic about what it's like to do the jobs that the staff do. If I rambled or went off topic, then sorry.  :-[ I've tried to explain things on how I see them, but like I said, my opinions are my own. I did not want to speak for anyone else or WS.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Sakudoodle on October 11, 2010, 07:48:49 am
Oh wow.
I've been a member of quite alot of forums, but you're the first mod I ever see doing this.
This is a very good initiative actually. Many people think that when you go mod, you get special benefits.
All but true. (Speaks out of experience) I used to be a mod for a forum of a friend, but it died out while ago. Was after which we moved to Gaia Online lol
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Avan on November 22, 2010, 06:16:37 pm
Just curious, do you guys still require admin activation of all accounts?

Because if you do... you have my empathy (empathy is from one sufferer to another, right?)... :(
(I am currently running through a 3-week backlog of mostly spambots and a handful of possible users >.<)

Anyways, yeah, I totally respect you guys for what you have to put up with, let me tell you that.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Kobuk on November 22, 2010, 06:35:03 pm
Just curious, do you guys still require admin activation of all accounts?

Yes, All new member registrations for the forums are "manually" checked by the Admins before any new members are approved. It's a bit of a time consuming process, but it's better to do it that way than to let in a spammer or something worse. ;)
And thanks to whatever "wizardry" WS implemented long ago, We are not flooded with spambot accounts. :)
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Avan on November 22, 2010, 06:51:02 pm
Just curious, do you guys still require admin activation of all accounts?

Yes, All new member registrations for the forums are "manually" checked by the Admins before any new members are approved. It's a bit of a time consuming process, but it's better to do it that way than to let in a spammer or something worse. ;)
And thanks to whatever "wizardry" WS implemented long ago, We are not flooded with spambot accounts. :)
That must help a /lot/! :o
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Goobladon on December 17, 2010, 02:10:51 am
good speech, i've been friends with vidja game mods before... and its true you don't get any benefits, I tried :P
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: knightpazz on March 18, 2011, 01:34:03 am
 really I wouldnt say anything hurtful or mean because I look over everything before posting and the mods do a very good job I see no things that would make someone upset on any of the pages i visited and posted on so good job of doing your job you do a good job of it  :D
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Avan on March 21, 2011, 01:23:44 am
Just curious, do you guys still require admin activation of all accounts?

Yes, All new member registrations for the forums are "manually" checked by the Admins before any new members are approved. It's a bit of a time consuming process, but it's better to do it that way than to let in a spammer or something worse. ;)
And thanks to whatever "wizardry" WS implemented long ago, We are not flooded with spambot accounts. :)
That must help a /lot/! :o
We (transcendence forums) just switched to this system (one that is much more effect at preventing bot registrations). It helps so much.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: R.A.Blackpaws on December 11, 2011, 11:24:44 am
Over the time I have been here (just over six years...wow), I've had quite a bit of interaction with the mods and staff here.

All of them have been very positive and very helpful and for that, I thank them.

I also know how hard the job of an admin/mod can be on a board and I know all the stuff they have to deal with first-paw. I actually received death threats in real-life for enforcing group policies online. No joke.

Furtopia's mods do what they do for EVERYONE here. Not a small clique of vocal people, not for the one individual...they have to make this a safe haven for everyone.

Sometimes feathers get ruffled and sometimes people feel hurt/persecuted...but, if they take the time to actually look at the rules, they would see that those rules are designed to allow everyone to enjoy the site in a safe manner.

Mods do what they do...and its not a paying job either...for the good of the forum and community as a whole.

For that little fact alone, they deserve respect...and maybe a cookie.

Add in all the little things that they do every day, like answering questions, settling disputes, and taking time to help out those of us who get confused with simple things *sheepishly raises a paw*...and that respect should be higher.

However, it seems people today feel that they can do whatever they want online and can completely ignore the rules of forums like this one...and then view the mods as "Tyrants" or "Draconian" when they enforce the rules on the site.

To those people, let me say this:it's their JOB.  Their role is to also police the forum and make sure it stays a healthy environment for everyone.

They don't get paid for this job. They VOLUNTEERED for it because they loved this forum that much that they wanted to help maintain it and protect it...*pauses for a bit*...guess I just made the mods sound like the US military for a bit there. Sorry. *blushes*

Anyway, the mods here are doing the best job that they can...which, in all honesty, is head, shoulders, tails and wings above ANYWHERE else in the furry fandom.

I've bounced around for a while before joining this place...and I am very glad I did. This is my major furry home on the 'net (I have a small condo on FurAffinity, cause my work exceeds the rating limit here).

I like it here and I appreciate all that the mods, watchers, admins and everyone in authority here does to make it a welcoming, warm and fuzzy...and SAFE...place to be.

*ends speech and hands out cookies to all the staff*

Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Kobuk on December 11, 2011, 11:42:47 am
*noms cookie*  This is peanut butter cookie, right? I'll ban you if it isn't.  >:(

Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: R.A.Blackpaws on December 11, 2011, 11:50:17 am
*noms cookie*  This is peanut butter cookie, right? I'll ban you if it isn't.  >:(


*checks the listing on the assortment platter*

Hmm...says there's peanut butter cookies in there...*examines what's left of the assortment platter*

Well, I can't tell what you grabbed...so I'll say yes.  :)
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Wereaibo on December 11, 2011, 12:35:25 pm
I know firsthand being a mod or admin is a tough job and I have a great deal of respect for those willing to do it.. I used to own and moderate a robotic pets forum. Never again. Apparently when I created the forum I was unaware that there was some bad blood between some members because of something that went on on another board. Apparently they felt the need to drag their little war onto my board as well. I allowed someone to join that these people apparently thought I shouldn't have and was immediately flooded with angry messages because I did so. They tried to drag me into their little war for some reason.
To be fair, after reading some of this person's posts on other boards and on usenet I can see why she rubbed people the wrong way. But I wanted to give her the benifit of the doubt. She was genuinely a fan of robotic pets so it wasn't like she just joined to troll or anything. She did have a bit of an abrasive personality but I figured I could give her a chance and if she started making trouble she could be banned. And it turned out she behaved herself when she was on my board. The others still hated her though.

After that mess. I eventually shut the board down. You couldn't pay me to be an admin or Mod again after that. I respect the job and those who do it but I'm just not cut out for it.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Kevin Foxboy 47 on March 27, 2012, 07:10:10 pm
As an over-50 furr (graymuzzle) I know some site's chats dissolve into flame wars. The mods on duty there seem to let their friends get away with language, hot-links or downright rude behaviour. If I ever seem rude it's because I expect reasonable people, not cry-babies or agenda-pushers. My little experience lurking (yeah I admit it, listening before posting like this) on Furtopia shows a refreshing level of maturity (disagree with a statement, not the person's parentage). I thank the mods and whoever conceived Furtopia. *sound of four paws clapping*
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: typingwithpaws on April 02, 2012, 02:41:14 am
can i just say.

this is one of the best structured forum's i've ever been part of. the features being used to their full potential and even the little things like the warning message that pops up in red if you are about to 'grave dig' and hence discourages the practice.

so highpaws to all of the mods and supporting staff!!
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Synaptic Road on June 22, 2015, 02:50:30 am
You know, Kobuk, I gotta say, you're likely the most stand-up admin I've seen on any part of the 'Net , and while I admit that I have little experience with forums and stuff in comparison to many others here on Furtopia (which is a rather precarious assumption I'll avoid making again), I've never seen an admin step forward and lay down the hard truth about being a staff member on a forum or any other such place on the Internet.

As many others have commented here, I've seen how a lot of people are under the impression that being a mod or higher-up staff comes with benefits or is "easy," and despite never having been a mod myself, I've never had that impression.  Being part of forum staff (etc.) is about keeping the peace and ensuring the comfort of all members, but staff integrity is every bit as important, too.  It doesn't mean you get to boss non-staff at your discretion, as you said; in fact, the very opposite is true - as staff, you have even more responsibility in terms of integrity...and I can certainly understand your perspective about "work before friends."  It's not easy to tell your friends "no" if they ask something of you, and it's made even more painful when you have "friends" who are unwilling or unable to accept that for whatever reason.

I know this from experience, because I had to learn this, too - not for the sake of "work," but for the sake of "not neglecting self-respect in the process of respecting others."  I had to learn to put my foot down about friends asking for favors when it would mean harming myself in some way, and I've told a few of my "ex-friends" to basically screw off because in the end, they didn't show me the same respect I showed to them first.  I have my own personal boundaries, and I make sure to lay them down up-front - in a sense, that's similar to established rules on forums.  If you don't respect my boundaries, I'm going to chew you out; if people don't respect the forum rules - "boundaries in their won right - they're going to be reprimanded.  I'm kind enough to give second chances in most cases, and when I do bring down the figurative "banhammer" on someone, it's because they repeatedly disrespected my boundaries; this is just a guess, but most people who've ever been banned from Furtopia were repeat offenders, too.  Some people have pulled something bad enough that I drop them right off without looking back; I can imagine that perhaps the same thing has happened here, too.  You could almost say I'm acting as a "moderator," but the difference is that I am one person, while Furtopia is...well.  However many members are registered, I guess.  There have been times when I'd honestly like to give being a staff member on a forum a shot if offered, but to be very honest, I prefer to be outdoors and away from the Internet.

Though I'll make a separate post for this for the sake of keeping on topic, I honestly have never felt a sense of belonging anywhere in any aspect of human civilization - this includes the Internet, regardless of where it may be.  My place of belong is in nature which, when you think about it, fits into the context of the "furry fandom."  However, this means that if any admin here approached me with an offer for a staff promotion, I'd have to decline, because I would never as active on Furtopia as the position would demand.

My forté is mediation, not moderation, and there's a pretty distinct difference between to two roles, so I very much respect what your position entails, Kobuk, along with the other staff here.  c:
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Kobuk on June 22, 2015, 06:59:34 am
You know, Kobuk, I gotta say, you're likely the most stand-up admin I've seen on any part of the 'Net

Thanks for the compliment, but.........I'm not an Admin anymore. I'm retired.
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: Synaptic Road on June 22, 2015, 02:26:58 pm
That doesn't matter in the end - you have the experience and vouched for how tough it is in detail...something more admins should really do.  I might be new here, but at least I can recognize your past effort, yes?  c:
Title: Re: What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?
Post by: phinox on June 22, 2015, 05:15:03 pm
I agree with everything said in this, Makes it really feel like we're on big family instead of a hierarchy. Good job everyone  :) ^.^