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Room to leave sanity upon arrival.

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Ok, this room has come about from a discussion in the IRC with KinderStone. She was teasing a newbie, woofgang, about leaving his sanity behind when he comes to the forums. I couldn't help but tell her when she went to look for hers that it might be in the "Lost and Found" so I created a room there and wahlah! There indeed was her sanity! Some one found it and took it to the lost and found.

Quote [20:05] <KinderStone> you new here woofgang?
[20:05] <woofgang> ye first time here my whole life
[20:05] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> I was going to say it would be pretty hard to come here and do light housekeeping for us if you lived in Scotland. L O L
[20:05] <KinderStone> yeah..sorry about that
[20:05] <woofgang> newly discovered all fur sites
[20:06] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> Been to our forums yet, woofgang?
[20:06] <woofgang> nope canth finde the main site agin l o l
[20:06] * Kada-reinstalling-everything giggles then gets back on chair.
[20:06] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything>
[20:07] <woofgang> so simpel, im so tierd right now : )
[20:07] <KinderStone> that's cool...though you should really leave your sanity in the skull shaped baskets to the left of the entrance...there's not much need for it here and you'll understand thins a lot better without it
[20:07] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> This is very true, KS. : )
[20:08] <KinderStone> which reminds me....where did my sanity go...I left it here someplace but haven't seen it for months...
[20:08] <woofgang> hehe
[20:08] * Kada-reinstalling-everything hmm and looks around.
[20:08] * woofgang canth stop smiling
[20:08] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> May want to check the lost and found. Some one else might have found it and tried to use it.
[20:08] <KinderStone> *roots around behind the sofa*
[20:09] <KinderStone> we have a lost and found?
[20:09] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> Too bad ones sanity only works for that person.
[20:09] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> I believe so. *goes to check out where it is*
[20:09] *** Ds (the_real_g@72126EE.C97A7028.58668014.IP) has joined channel #furtopia
[20:10] <Ds> Wow... is this place six foot under or what?
[20:10] <KinderStone> what?
[20:10] <Ds> ...'dead'.
[20:10] <KinderStone>'s not behind the sofa
[20:11] <Ds> And hello to you too, KS.
[20:11] <KinderStone> Hi
[20:11] <Ds> sups.
[20:11] <woofgang> whats "Your AOL identity"? ?
[20:11] <KinderStone> we're trying to find my sanity
[20:12] *** Eth|working is now known as Eth
[20:13] <woofgang> oh hi Ds
[20:13] <Ds> hi woof.
[20:14] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> I found it KS!;f=69;t=21264;r=1;&#top
[20:15] <KinderStone> thanks Kada!
[20:15] <@Kada-reinstalling-everything> No problem. Glad we found it BEFORE you left! that would have been horrible if we hadn't. : )
[20:16] <woofgang> hey kada now im registated to te forum : )
[20:16] <KinderStone> yeah

So, when you go to leave for a spell and can't find where you left your sanity, please be sure to check the "LOST AND FOUND" to make sure that someone may have turned it in for you if they found it.

Savaaha  digs thro the boxes and bins

Mines not here, I dont know where it is

It isn't? You should check the lost and found then. Hopefully someone turned it in for you.  If it isn't there, you will just have to wait till it turns up or someone turns it in for you, Savaaha. Sorry that it is missing in action.

This has got to be one of the more........unique......threads I've seen on Furtopia thus far.    

I lost the lost and found....oh well I do ok without my sanity.. its my sense I miss..


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