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Kay Alett:
Unsure where to put this, mods feel to move it if need be.

So updates.
I wasn't able to continue staying with friends in colorado and I honestly I was getting very tired of the runaround and dealing with all of that stupid "need an ID to get an ID" crap so with nowhere else to go I left Colorado a few weeks ago.

Where am I now? Well I am now staying in something of a homeless camp in the middle of the Sonoran Desert in California. A place called Slab City that is often touted as being "The Last Free Place". it's not the best place to end up. The area has many thieves and meth fiends and it's not exactly the safest place to end up but for the time being I am part of a camp so I'm not alone, and I am far enough from the more troubled areas of town, away from the meth fiends and others.

Hey Kay,

I am glad you posted.
Life isn't going too crash hot for me at the moment either.
Let us hope things get better in the future.


Jade Sinapu:
Please be safe Kay.  That doesn't sound fun.  I had no idea what was going on in your life, and I am sorry this has happened.
I now wonder what has happened to your eaglemoss enterprise.  How will you keep doing your model hobby?

Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: Jade Sinapu on November 19, 2021, 07:01:06 am ---I now wonder what has happened to your eaglemoss enterprise.  How will you keep doing your model hobby?
--- End quote ---

Had to put that on pause. the editions I got already are still with my friends in colorado, they're holding on to a few things of mine. I hope I can return to it before it's run its course but really that was more of an idea of a display piece for an apartment or home. As it stands now I'm living in a tent in the middle of a desert. Not the best climate for model building.

Frankly I lay the blame heavy on Colorado's stupid anti-homeless legislation that requires a person to already have an ID before they can obtain an ID.

cause the rat:
There are legal ways to get your id back. You will need to contact your Vital Records office. They should be able to get you a certified copy of your birth certificate. And start from there. Access places on line that will help as well. Not saying this will go smoothly. I have all my documents and it still took 6 months for the state of Illinois to find my birth certificate. My brother was born in New Mexico. Back in the 1960's they didn't number the certificates. Because they lacked a number he had a hard time getting into the military.


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